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Rodrigo Haddad - 10 Years And More To Come 
By: George Peden, CSO Staff Journalist

His major influences are Haggard, Yoakum, Cash, and Dale Watson. And, yes, he has the shaped, brimmed hat and a flashy wide buckle. He wears them both with indentured pride. And, why not? He’s been making and playing country music for over 10 years, but a long way from the cosmetic demands of Nashville; Rodrigo Haddad is a singing gaucho from Brazil. 

He’s not the most known down on Music Row, though he has played a CMA festival in 2004, but for this good-looking singer and songwriter his passion is a solid love of the music. 

“When I stop to think about it,” Haddad reveals in his bio, “I can’t believe that ten years has gone by. What began as a pastime among friends has turned into my life’s work.” 

Some of that work shines on 10 Years And More To Come. Album co-producer and band member Jeff Berg tells: “This CD is a kind of Greatest Hits, featuring many of the songs we recorded between early 2003 and late 2005.” 

Haddad, who wrote or co-wrote 13 of the 14 tracks, opens the album with “Ten Years”. An easy-paced shuffle, the song is almost a biographical look over the shoulder. 

“When I started thinking about releasing an album to celebrate my tenth year as a country artist,” tells Haddad, “I hoped to write a song about how I had grown and what I had experienced during this time. I wanted to express my own style.” 

That style comes well expressed in a confident, slightly clipped accent, one shaped by his heroes and flavored by home, an engaging voice that’s smooth, easy on the ear and suited to the musical mix of soft rockers and ballads on offer here. 

“Like A Honky Tonk,” “Someday,” and the plaintive “Oh! Amor” with its cantina guitars, are tunes that neither stretch nor strain, while “The Grass Is Always Greener On The Country Side,” “Last Call For Alcohol” and “Rodeo” marry fact with lifestyle. But it’s on the fiddle led “Nashville, TN”, a co-write with Marcus Rampazzo, that Haddad sings “This is the kind of place I want to live”. The song is a tribute to the time and experience of living there in ’99. 

The album also includes “Santa Fe”. The tune went on to grab international spins, claiming global numero uno on several independent charts. It’s the first song Haddad wrote or recorded. Also on the album as a bonus cut is “San Pedro Mi Amor,” a track dedicated to the major music festival, where Haddad has performed the last three years. 

Rodrigo Haddad. He may wear a shaped, brimmed hat and flashy buckle. But there’s some substance beyond the image, and the easy on the ear country he peddles. This good-looking gaucho, who shows his leanings with a dated Johnny Cash T-shirt proudly worn on the album cover, is ready for the next level. Ten years has passed… and there’s more to come.

Rodrigo Haddad: Ten Years And More To Come 

1: Ten Years
2: Like A Honky Tonk
3: Someday
4: The Call
5: Oh! Amor
6: The Grass Is Always Greener On The Country Side
7: Last Call For Alcohol
8: Rodeo
9: Santa Fe
10: Nashville, TN
11: I Beg You Please
12: She’s Gone
13: Singing The Blues
14: San Pedro Mi Amor

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