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Ryan Baysden - What Turns You On
By: Amy Ross, CSO Staff Journalist

If you are an American Idol fan then you will recognize the name Ryan Baysden. He was one of the lucky ones selected in Greensboro, North Carolina to compete on the show. Even Simon Cowell liked him! That, as we all know, is a feat in itself. He was later eliminated from American Idol because he was "too traditional country" well heck, thatís right up our alley and I have to agree that Baysden has a great traditional sound.

The first track on What Turns You On is "Fall Of The Year". It is one of those songs that get people out on the floor Ďrubbiní belt bucklesí and it tells a great tale of change in our seasons and in love. Very worthy of the last dance billing, which is always the best song of the night.

"Politically Incorrect Redneck" the second title on this album, just makes you want to get rowdy. Give it a little time and the country clubbers will have a line dance choreographed for it. Warning: it would be unadvisable to sit in your chair tapping your toe to the beat. This one will rock the legs off your perch anyway, so get up and stomp!

Of all the love songs on Baysdenís album, I have to say "Did I Say Something Wrong" is my favorite by far. So much emotion in his vocals, I fear if he were to sing this live, to a complete stranger, even she would hopelessly fall in love by the end of the song. What a beautiful song and such talent. Well by the time you get to the fourth title, "Mile a Minute", it is clear that Baysden has a sound all his own. I tried to place Ďwho he sounds like, but really, there isnít just one person you can pin point. He has that great country flare that fans everywhere crave.

"What Turns You On", the title track, has a versatile sound. It could be a swing, a fast two-step or even a line dance. It is as adaptable as the man he is singing about. "Iím a marathon shopper, a coffee bar hopper / I could sit through ballet or even opera for your love." I love a fast paced song that keeps your feet busy on the dance floor and this cut does just that.

Now, this album just wouldnít be complete without a cheating song right? Well Baysden steps up to the plate with "What Does He Say Now", telling about a man coming home late and walking through the back door to a tear stained wife. "What does he say now that she hasnít heard before"?

Packed with love songs Baysden finishes his album with three more heartache songs; "I Canít Take My Heart Anywhere", "Memphis Might As Well Be The Moon," and "Ten Feet Away." All of them are equally great songs.

Baysdenís ten song album "What Turns You On" can be purchased online at www.sonicrecords.com for $12.95 and itís sure to please.

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Real People Reviews

After having bought and listened to the new album by Ryan Baysden, I had to write and say thank you for recommending it. 
There are songs that make you want to grab a girl and dance. Then there are the slow songs which country music should 
embrace more of. This new cd is a breath of fresh air to the country music scene. I can't wait to see him on CMT or GAC. I hope this cd does as well as I think it is and as good as your staff's article says it was. Thanks again for recommending this cd.
~ Benjamin


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