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Songs Of The Year
CD Review By: Amy Ross, CSO Staff Journalist 

Those of you that have been to a Cracker Barrel restaurant know they not only have great food and a great atmosphere but they also play great country music in the background. Well, they have compiled an album of just that; great country songs. All of the songs on this album have earned either a Grammy Award, Country Music Association Award or the Academy of Country Music Award, so the songs have not only proven themselves in the country music industry, but are familiar favorites of country fans across the country and around the world.

Now for the twist! You wonít hear the original artists performing the songs on this album but donít fret because you are sure to recognize the names of the wonderful artists who are singing them.

The first title, "Dang Me," was a big hit in 1964 when it won a Grammy. The song was written, and originally performed, by the dynamic and peerless, Roger Miller, well, imagine Willie Nelson and Jack Ingram coming together for a duet on this one. Sounds like a fantastic match, doesnít it? And it is! With Nelsonís dynamic vocals, and Ingram as his crooning counterpart, these two are able to effortlessly transport you back to that era and make you wish you could jump in a time machine so you could go back there and enjoy this traditional country music all the time. And thatís just the beginning!

CMA song of the year in 1997, "Strawberry Wine," originally recorded by Deana Carter, is on this album also; only in this incarnation itís recorded by The Wreckers! And it only gets better from here. Trace Adkins makes his mark on this album with "Sunday Morniní Cominí Down," the CMA song of the year in 1970; originally written and performed by Kris Kristofferson. Iím not sure if Adkins chose to do this song or if it was chosen for him, but I canít imagine a better voice for this one. His low mellow voice could earn this one even more awards. Adkins really did Kristofferson justice on this edition.

There is quite an impressive artist line up with other hits covered by Trisha Yearwood, Jo Dee Messina, and there is also a delightful duet with Dierks Bentley and George Jones. Some of the titles included are "Murder on Music Row," "When I call Your Name," "City of New Orleans" and many more country music favorites from the past. This unique collection of Songs of the Year was recorded exclusively for Cracker Barrel so the next time you are in one of their stores; I would urge you to pick up a copy. A stroll down a musical memory lane is all the more enjoyable when you can make the journey with some of your favorite new artists.

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1. Dang Me - Willie Nelson & Jack Ingram
2. Strawberry Wine - The Wreckers
3. Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down - Trace Adkins
4. Back Home Again - Trisha Yearwood
5. Murder On Music Row - Dierks Bentley & George Jones
6. When I Call Your Name - Jo Dee Messina
7. City Of New Orleans - Lonestar
8. Chiseled In Stone - Randy Travis
9. Stranger In My House - Jypsi
10. I Still Believe In You - Jamie O'Neal & Michael McDonald
11. The Gambler - Blake Shelton
12. Go Rest High On That Mountain - Deana Carter & Heart

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