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The Duhks - Your Daughters & Your Sons (Reissue)
Review By Jim Moulton, CSO Contributing Journalist

The Duhks are Tania Elizabeth/fiddle & vocals; Jessica Havey/vocals; Jordan McConnell/guitar, tenor banjo, vocals and Leonard Podolak/5 string banjo, fiddle, vocals. Added to their Sugar Hill debut CD from 2002 is the very talented bassist, Gilles Fournier.

This CD was produced by Mark Schatz (Nickel Creek bassist). I had never heard the disc that propelled the Duhks to notoriety. These Canadians have made an acoustic recording that really is an eclectic affair with lots of influences; folk, Cajun, Irish, and Appalachian. The improvisation and interplay of instruments is inspiring.

A recording based on mostly two different banjo sounds and two fiddles is very interesting. Havey has a great voice, but is just one of the many attractions, everyone sings. Innovative bassist Fournier is a big part of the recording.

This is not bluegrass, though influences are surely there. Percussionist Rodrigo is really effective on cajon and congas.

McConnell plays a guitar that he made , you do not hear him out front a lot, but he is excellent.

"Bantry Girls Lament" - A very beautiful slow Irish ballad, very pretty finger style guitar, Havey's vocals are warm and emotive. (traditional arrangement of song) The tonal quality of the instruments is quite amazing.

"Annabel" - Is a slow Appalachian influenced tune that is packed with feeling and beautiful harmonies. There is a haunting quality to this song.

"Leather Winged Bat" - This is a great song that starts out slow and then picks up into a jazzy tempo. Some great fiddle by Elizabeth. Nice short bass, percussion solo with other instruments coming in.

"Rock Of Ages" (Welch/Rawlings) - A great Irish, folk influenced gospel song. The banjo and fiddle are inspiring. Not enough can be said about the bass play of Fournier.

Well, there are twelve basic tracks with lots of instrumentals and sometimes, two or three short tunes to a track. There is a jam band feel to this disc. If you do not like a song, wait a couple of minutes and you will get something completely different. Just great acoustic music.

Street date: 1/24/06

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