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Toby Keith – Broken Bridges Soundtrack 
Album review by Brianna Nightingale

With many tracks by Toby Keith, the Broken Bridges soundtrack has a variety of great songs. It starts out with a medium-paced song, moving into the slower songs before ending with three exciting, up-tempo tunes. 

"Broken," a hit by Lindsay Haun, is one of the most moving songs I have heard in a while. For a person who is going through a tough time, this song will mean a lot. It is very inspirational and the lyrics are incredibly encouraging. "When you're broken in a million little pieces / And you're trying but you can't hold on anymore / Every tear falls down for a reason / Don't you stop believing in yourself / When you're broken." More great lyrics from the song are "Little girl don't be so blue / I know what you're going through / Don't let it beat you up / Heaven knows that getting scars / Only makes you who you are."

"Crash Here Tonight" is another song done by Toby Keith. The lyrics reflect the feelings of a man who wants to tell the woman he is with that he loves her but he is afraid that he’s "Getting in too deep / Wouldn't want to freak you out / Make a promise I can't keep."

Another inspirational song on the soundtrack is "Along for the Ride," sung by Matraca Berg. This song describes the way two people are just here to take life, specifically their relationship, as it comes. They aren’t going to hold back on anything, but enjoy that "love is like a roller coaster / I'd like to sit in the very last car / Baby, don't hold onto the bar / Just throw up your hands in the air / Life can be such a scream if you let it / And we're just along for the ride."

Toward the middle of the soundtrack is Sonya Isaac’s "The Battlefield." This song, which is touching, to say the least, describes how some need material things and money to make them happy, but this person wants someone to "Give me Jesus / who saved my dying soul."

Uncloudy Day," with Willie Nelson, is a song about how there is, somewhere, a place where things are always happy once He sends peoples’ sorrows away. There is a place where "He smiles on His children there / And His smile drives their sorrows all away / And they tell me that no tears ever come again / In that lovely land of uncloudy day."

Hidden within all of the serious and inspirational songs on the disc is "What’s Up with That," by Scotty Emerick. This song seems to be a bit reversed from what people are used to. In this song, the lyrics tell about a boy and girl who promised each other that they’d "forever be my baby." However, when he shows up for an agreed upon meeting the next day, while he is waiting for her, she’s out with other guys. The way Emerick plays with the lyrics makes the song funny and a treat to listen to.

Overall, Broken Bridges soundtrack is good; the songs all have powerful lyrics and portray a lot of situations that people go through in their daily lives.

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1. Broken Bridges - Toby Keith
2. Thinkin' 'Bout You - Fred Eaglesmith 
3. Crash Here Tonight - Toby Keith 
4. Broken - Lindsey Haun
5. Along For The Ride - Matraca Berg 
6. Uncloudy Day - Willie Nelson 
7. What's Up With That - Scotty Emerick
8. High On The Mountain - Flynnville Train
9. The Battlefield - Sonya Isaacs
10. Can't Go Back - Toby Keith 
11. The Waiting Game - Poor Richard's Hound 
12. Big Bull Rider - Toby Keith 
13. Zig Zag Stop - Toby Keith 
14. Jack Don Tucker (Play By The Rules Miss All The Fun) - Toby Keith 

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