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Tom Wurth - Self-Titled Debut  
By: Jolene Downs, CSO Staff Journalist

Tom Wurth is a talented new artist on Aspirion Records, but he isn't new to the business.  He grew up in the Midwest and is the son of multi-generational farmers.  His family always appreciated music and introduced Tom to instruments at an early age.  At six he started playing the guitar and by ten he was performing at local fairs.  He knew he wanted to be in the music industry and make a living doing something he loved.  It was a big stretch for someone who was expected to continue the farming tradition.  He attended Belmont University and graduated with a music business degree.  His songwriting skills landed him a job at a publishing company and over the next few years he wrote side by side with some of the top writers in Nashville.  

Looking through the writing credits for the album, his name is found on four of the tracks.  Some other very familiar names are Rivers Rutherford, Shane Minor, Jeffrey Steele and Bob DiPiero just to name a few.  With power like that behind the words, it comes as no surprise that the album is a great listen start to finish.

The current single, "Bread on the Table", has a catchy start and talks about doing what you need to do to make sure you are able to take care of your family.  Tom's voice is well suited for the smooth ballads such as "Is This Lonely," which talks about getting by after the love of your life has left.  Another real heartbreaker, and probably my pick for favorite song on the album, is "She's Still There."  It is a story of a love that could have been.  There really aren't any bad songs to be found.  I expect we'll be hearing much more of Tom Wurth in the future.  He has his own sound and leans on the side of traditional, yet keeping the lyrics and music current enough to grab the attention of those who aren't into the "twang thang".  The album closed with a pretty decent cover of "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry."  This album is definitely a keeper.  

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1. Leaving Lonely Behind
2. If the Road Runs Out
3. Is This Lonely
4. Bread on the Table
5. Make Time for Lovin' You
6. She's Still There
7. Good Ground
8. I Can Bend
9. Love Made Me Do It
10. Give It To Me Straight
11. Bad Case of Missing You
12. Everytime I Close My Eyes
13. It Ain't What You're Thinkin'
14. Higher Ground
15. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry

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