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Traci Kennedy - How Many Hearts 
By: Jim Weaver,
Editor In Chief

Traci Kennedy's long-awaited debut CD is finally out and I couldn't be more happy for her. If you're looking for unbiased reporting, you're barking up the wrong long-tall Texan reviewer. Traci is one of my favorite Canadian people eh, and just from the few songs I've heard from her on myspace and her website, I had a feeling I would like this CD before I even dropped it in the player.

Traci has one of those voices that I like to call breezy, it's pretty and light and never over-powering. Her vocals are very easy and pleasant on the ears, it's actually very refreshing when you consider the recent redneck vocal edge that's has dominated country female singers over the last several years. Not that I don't like Gretchen Wilson and that style of country singing, I do, it's just nice to be reminded that Sears ain't the only thing that has a softer side, so does country music, Traci Kennedy proves that very nicely.

Jumping right into the deep end of this CD, the Carolyn Dawn Johnson and Chuck Jones penned, "Room With A View", is a magnificent tribute to Traci's deceased father to whom she dedicates this CD. Kennedy really finds the right balance of heart tugging and spirit uplifting in her delivery on this very touching song.

"I'm Still Kissing You" is one of those sexy little numbers that will make your horns pop out just a little bit with the images it brings to mind. Check out this chorus; "You linger like a song / On my lips and on my tongue / In everything I do / I'm still kissing you"... WOOF!

The title track, "How Many Hearts", is a deceptively upbeat song for the slash and burn attitude of the lyric. It's an old story that a lot of women (and men) can identify with; girl falls in love with a turd, turd leaves girl, girl knows that in the end, the one that will hurt the most will be... the turd.  

How Many Hearts was Produced and Mastered by Paul Jefferson, he also had a hand in writing 6 of the 10 cuts, plus he sang backup vocals and played several instruments on the CD. Multi-talented dude. 

Be sure you check out the list of "thank yous" on the inside cover and I think you'll get a really good view of where Traci's head is. She's a very grounded, talented young lady and I expect to hear good things from her for many years to come.

Audio Interview

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1. Kiss Me Now 
2. Girls Night Out 
3. How Many Hearts 
4. I'm Still Kissing You 
5. I Will 
6. I'd Rather Be
7. Everyday Girl 
8. Second Hand Love 
9. In Your Sunglasses
10. Room With A View

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