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Trent Tomlinson - Country Is My Rock 
By: Jim Weaver,
Editor In Chief

Thank God for country artists like Brooks & Dunn, Montgomery Gentry, Hank Jr., Travis Tritt and the new Double "T"... Trent Tomlinson. OK, I know I've thrown this young man into mighty lofty company and truly, only time will tell if he will live up to it. Buts facts is facts, and this is a strong debut CD by Tomlinson titled Country Is My Rock. The music grabbed me from the first cut and didn't let go until it was over, then I went back for more. As a middle-aged southern rocker who has a hard time finding bands that fulfill that "need to rock with a twang," I get little nostalgic when I find a new country artist who helps bring back those old rebel feelings of my South Texas youth, and Trent did it for me.

I'm not going to lie to you and say that every song on this CD was my favorite, but there were only a couple that that made me shrug my shoulders, and they were immediately blown away by the songs right after them. So let's don't dwell on the negative, this is a great CD. 

Tune-age worth many extra spins: 

"Country Is My Rock" - This is the first cut and the one that hooked me right out of the box you might say.

"Cheatin' On My Honky Tonk" - Fantastic turn-a-bout on a cheatin' song. I won't ruin it for you, by the CD and you'll see what I mean.

"Angels Like Her" - Awesome lyrics! Tear-in-your-beer music at it's finest, check this out: "There's a ring on her forehead on a picture where the bottle sat last night - It might look like a halo but I know it's a trick of the light - And that smile on her face has a way to fool any old fool - Yeah, she came straight from Heaven, but I know the devil did too". Great stuff!

"The Next Time" - I'm sure there are a few out there, but I don't personally know a guy that hasn't made the promise in this song to himself at one time or another.

"Drunker Than Me" - Fun!

"The Bottle" - More great writing here,  basically a song about drinking her memory away. Is there such a thing as a country power ballad? If there is, this would fall into that category.

Tomlinson has done a terrific job here, he co-wrote all 11 songs on the CD and took on the co-producing duties as well. I don't want you to think this is is nothing but another rockin' country guy, he is, but he can slow it down pull off a really nice tear-jerker as well. There really is a little here for everyone.

To purchase the CD online click on the album cover.
1. Country Is My Rock 
2. Cheatin On My Honky-Tonk 
3. Angels Like Her 
4. Hey Batter Batter 
5. Just Might Have Her Radio On 
6. The Next Time
7. A Good Run 
8. Drunker Than Me 
9. The Bottle 
10. I Was Gonna Leave Tomorrow Anyway 
11. One Wing In The Fire

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