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Tresa Jordan - Debut CD
Review By Jim Moulton, CSO Staff Journalist

Once in a great while, out of the blue, comes an Indie masterpiece, such is the case of Tresa Jordan. Jordan started on the internet with a website that attracted over sixty thousand hits a month, plus her myspace.com site was very successful, winning several Indie awards. Jordan's debut CD is, as I said before, an acoustic masterpiece with the quality sound work recorded by Jim Cooper, who did an incredible job. Wanda Vick provides most country overdubs including fiddle, banjo, mandolin and dobro. The overall sound quality exudes major label sound. I immediately thought Gary Paczsosa, not an unknown. 

Jordan also wrote most of the songs on the short ten song disc with co-writers. Her vocals sound like country innocence, with some great backup vocals. Vick really makes the disc with her dobro and fiddle. David Cleveland plays all guitars, (all acoustic) which sound terrific. He takes off on a couple of Byron Sutton like leads. Very sparse, yet a very satisfying sound, some stand up bass and quiet drums. I honestly have not been moved by an unknown artist like this since I first heard Mindy Smith a couple of years ago.

Lush is how I would describe this great recording, not a tinge of clipping. Jordan does a great job with the co-writing credits, incredible hooks and acoustic parts, great lyrics.

Jordan went from just a website to Lotos Nile Media, who is also the publicist group to the hottest new bluegrass band, "The Cherryholmes", "IBMA Entertainer Of The Year ' 05", and veteran John Prine. That's some good company.

Her first single release "I Turn To Country" is a beautiful acoustic country tune with great musical hooks and some very impressionistic lyrics. "I turn to country - like a wild horse runs free"

A real country gospel treat with the "Oh Brother" sound is "Ain't No Grave", which starts out real low volume, then picks up, just great lyrics; "Ain't no grave goin' hold my body down".  Vick has some great fiddle and banjo, real pretty acoustic guitar. Nice mandolin and backup vocals too. Just a real inspirational song. 

"Sweet Water Road" is an acoustic masterpiece ballad about her parents living on the road of the same name. "some folks would say we were poor - but we knew we had it good." Jordan's vocals sound like a young Patty Loveless, no faux country here.

"Hold On To You" - The only song not written by Jordan (Reggie Hamm), Hamm also sings with her and plays piano on this track. Reminds me of one of those great Vince Gill, Patty Loveless ballads. Great job on piano by Hamm.

Honestly, for me, this has not been a stellar year for music, Jordan has given me hope again that it still exists. Also, that good acoustic/bluegrass still lives. If you want something with an incredible acoustic sound and great vocals, plus Christian influences, this is for you.
Release date - 7/4/06 

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1. Country High 
2. Angels Cry 
3. Underneath the Wheels 
4. Dancin' on Daddy's Feet 
5. Long Time Comin' Around
6. I Turn to Country 
7. Ain't No Grave 
8. Sweetwater Road 
9. Hold on to You 
10. Beyond the Blue 

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Real People Reviews

This is by far the best vocal artist and some really incredible song writing that has come around in a long time. I get tired of the same old voice and music that sounds like every other artist, but I hear something different here and I Love it.
~ Roger

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