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Tresa Street - Baby It's You
By: George Peden, CSO Staff Journalist

Smooth. Sultry. They’re a couple of words that spring to mind. Tresa Street is an artist who’s been moving around the traps for over 10 years, building on a career identifying her as overdue for wider success. With a voice that captures the grit of country and the ooze factor of blues, she’s just released her reworked 1996 album, Baby It’s You. Digitized, remixed and tweaked to modern standards, it’s a pleasant surprise. Not only is this singer and songwriter who comes from Gallatin, TN, one delightful package, but she is one versatile performer – a publicist’s dream and a booker’s delight. 

Covering the bases of modern music, Street has a voice that neither grates the listener nor taxes the performer. When “Baby It’s You”, a classic remembered hit from the Bacharach pen plays out, she immediately claims attention. Controlled and confident, her voice trickles over the lyrics. It’s a pleasing balance against today’s hopefuls who more than not need push and pull to sell a song – Tresa Street offers a lesson that proves you don’t.

With a band of tight players who pick, pound and pluck the needed steel, piano, guitars and drums, Street fires with some great covers. “Baby” is a winner, so, too, is the Springsteen classic, “Fire”. With its tantalizing bass groove, piano underplay and smooth and honeyed harmonies, Street guides the heat towards a sexy sizzle. “Oh Boy,” a chartbuster way-back-when for Buddy Holly, receives a harmonica injection and a little light fiddling, and as a dated hit, the reworking turns it into something modern.

While Street can sing the words of others easily and with conviction, it’s when she tackles her own songs – she’s inked three on this album – that she shows another side to her craft.

“A Man Like You” is a smoky ballad telling of the smooth content that comes from commitment. It’s your standard fare in country, but fully redeemed from the album filler quotient with Street’s vocal’s that perform high and wide without the safety of a producer’s net or console trickery. It’s a melodic winner. “Every time I Think It’s Over” is a soft-soaked lovin’ and leavin’ piece, saved from lonely despair by the line “Every time I think it’s over, I think it over, again”.

With lyrics that make you consider, and a voice that’s more Tucker than Twain, Tresa Street is one classy act. She’s also polished and talented. Do yourself a favor. Check her out. Then, get yourself a thesaurus. You may need it. I’m running out of adjectives. 

Baby It's You song list:

To purchase the CD online just click on the album cover on the left. 
1: Baby It’s You 
2: If I Let Him Touch Me 
3: Last Light 
4: Love Rules
5: If I’m Not Crazy
6: Oh Boy 
7: Fire 
8: A Man Like You 
9: What’s It Gonna Take 
10: Everytime I Think It’s Over

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