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2006 - WOW, What A Year!
By Jim Weaver, CSO Editor in Chief 

CountryStarsOnline.com has had one phenomenal year and I owe a great deal of thanks to a lot folks who have made 2006 the best year yet. 

Cheryl Harvey Hill - Truly the "Country Muse", with out your guidance, intelligence, superb writing and critical eye, CSO would be far far less than it is today. I owe you everything.

George Peden - Despite being on the other side of the planet (Australia) and not immersed in the birthplace of the music you love, you produce some of the most well-written and insightful reviews and commentary in country music, period. We are proud to have you with us.

Jim Moulton -  You have carved a very unique position in your Country, Alt-Country, Americana and Bluegrass reviews, and in doing so, have given CSO an edge that most country music websites do not enjoy. Plus, being a musician yourself really brings your feelings and insight to life in your reviews. I thank you very much for all you do.

Leah Anderson, Helen Peterson and Melissa Loncaric Miller: We don't hear from you often, but we love it when we do. Leah and Helen, you both did a great job for CSO at the '06 CMA Country Music Festival and a few other projects along the way. I can't wait to see what all of you come up with next.

We have some new friends, writers and photographers that have joined the CSO family this year, Penny Rondinella, Amy Ross, Brianna Nightingale, Jolene Downs and Kathy Yates. Your contributions are vital to what CSO offers our readers every month, we would not be where we are with out all of you. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

And now some stats! Oh Joy! I won't bore you with too many numbers but suffice to say that CSO has been propelled into the upper echelons of country music websites this year, taking and holding the #4 slot for the most popular country music websites on the World Wide Web! Oh yeah, we're proud. We may not be CMT or GAC yet, but we're gaining on them with almost 750,000 visitors and 3.2 million pages viewed in 2006.

CSO 2006 Introductions: 

Audio Interviews - You can usually catch quickie interviews just about anywhere, but the long-form interviews are a little tougher. Another advantage of the world wide web is we're not under any time constraints, unlike radio or TV which are under very strict guidelines as to what they can bring you and how long it takes, CSO is not limited by so many commercial breaks per hour, or trying to fit the interview around songs so listeners who are not interested in the interview won't tune-out. We can talk to your favorite artists for as long as we are granted the time to do so, or introduce you to a new artist and actually have the time to get to know them a little.

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CSO Hotshots!:

Looking Ahead: The plans are made and goals are set for 2007, will we make them all? Who knows, but we're going to try.

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