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Zachary Hunter - In Your Dreams  
By: George Peden, CSO Staff Journalist

For many music wannabes success only happens in dreams. That place where the impossible melts into craved and needed possibilities. Others are more practical. For singer and songwriter, Zachary Hunter, his realization of success has come from effort, perseverance and plain hard work.  He's been too busy to doze. His latest project, In Your Dreams, has demanded many waking hours since its planning in 2004. The pleasing news is it's been worth the effort.

For the Virginia-born performer it's been a hard slog to this album. Hunter didn't dream of the quick fix; he knew it would take time to earn and learn, and that's what he's been doing over the last ten-or-so years. He's dragged his guitar case through the refining apprenticeship of coffee shops and low tip clubs, all the while honing his craft and shaping his ambition. Along the way he's stopped and delivered two albums.

Now with latest release, Hunter is further refining his talent. Itís proven with the adage suggesting that if youíre going to make good music, bring great musicians. And thereís no shortage here. Kenny Aronoff (John Fogerty, John Mellencamp), Pete Anderson (Dwight Yoakam, Moot Davis), Paul Franklin (multiple CMA Musician of the Year Award winner) and all-star sidekick Brent Mason, among others, join and deliver keen, bankable sounds across Hunter's 13 self-written tracks. Add to the musical mix well-known co-producer, Ed Stasium (he's twiddled knobs for The Ramones, Joan Jett and others), and you have an album that satisfies on many levels.

As a songwriter Hunter is observant and worldly, all with a life focus. He taps into the many facets of the examined life. The title cut, in particular, proves hard-held dreams do come true. The tune follows a cowpoke who's, what else, in love. The woman enjoying the affection and flattery has other plans;" In Your Dreams" is a song with a chorus response and relevance known to many a male. The good news here is that rather than flung, our love starved cowboy follows the way all heart tug tunes should go. Persistence pays: he wins the woman and reaffirms to the rest of us sideliners that a feint heart never won a fair hand.

With a biography ambition of wanting to "move" people with his music, Hunter tells he feels heís achieved his aim with this CD.

I'm very proud of this recording," say the troubadour who cites Vince Gill, Clint Black and Steve Wariner as defining influences.

And listening to several of the tracks, cuts like "A Place In The Heart" (a cheating and losing at love saga), the indecision of needed choices played out on the rock-tinged "Two Lonesome Hearts", and the realized ache of lost love on "Those Ainít Tears (In My Eyes) Hunter has reason for his pride.

If you like your country modern, but soaked in a traditional feel, all from a guy whoís wide awake to the possibilities, then listen out for Zachary Hunter.

In Your Dreams is out now on Aspirion.

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1. Place In The Heart 
2. As Long As We Believe 
3. Fire It Up 
4. In The Moonlight 
5. In Your Dreams 
6. It's A Long Road 
7. Melinda Mae
8. Muddy River 
9. Something Big (The George Strait Song) 
10. Those Aren't Tears (In My Eyes) 
11. Travelin' Bone 
12. Two Lonesome Hearts 
13. Until Our Dying Day

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