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Allman Brothers Band - Eat A Peach Deluxe Edition
Review By: Jim Moulton, CSO Staff Journalist

This vault release by Mercury Records is an aural treat. Produced by Tom Dowd and re-mastered by Suha Gur at Universal Mastering Studios, East. 

This part live, part studio album was originally released in 1972, the same year Europe 72 by the Dead was released. Both of these are my favorite respective albums of each group. 

Included in this package is a full release of a 1971 Fillmore Concert with great quality that has never been released before, except for a couple of songs on a Duane Allman Anthology. Like the Dead, the Allmans were better live and never did the same song twice the same way. The Allmans still record and tour with three original members, the drummers and Greg Allman. A couple of years ago, they kicked Dickey Betts out of the group. With the loss of Duane, Betts stepped up big time and became one of the most melodic southern rock guitarists, also writing the Allmans best material. His own group, "Great Southern" still records and tours. I don't care for the Allmans new hard rock sound.

The Fillmore concert is an excellent recording with great versions of their standards at that time: "Statesboro Blues", "One Way Out", very good "Liz Reed" (Duane's lead could have been louder), just a great show and very tight performance. Duane has established himself as firm leader of the group at this point and his playing is very demonstrative and disciplined, playing like a man on a mission, a real joy to listen to.

Back to the "Eat A Peach" disc, this was released after Duane died in a motorcycle accident. Some material has Duane and some without. Always my favorite Allman Bros. album, this is the first time I ever heard it on CD and it is done up good. This release is part of a Universal Chronicles series. There is another two CD set in the series called "The Fillmore Concerts" which is also very good.

"Blue Sky" (Betts) is a country flavored song which is a classic beauty with Betts serving up the vocals and some incredible guitar work with Duane. Barry Oakley, their bassist is down right awesome.

"Melissa" is a slow song sang by Greg that is a real acoustic beauty, beautiful lead by Dickey, no Duane on this song.

"Ain't Wastin' Time No More" (Betts) is a great song without Duane which is like an anthem to him. Dickey pulls off some incredible guitar and slide work too. This whole album is dedicated to Duane. Some great lyrics. All in all, this is a very good re-release of a classic Allman Brothers album, originally produced very well by Tom Dowd, a great combo over the years with this group, making some great albums. His remixing of the album really lets you hear the percussion better. Real full and rich sound.

Finally, the Digitech packaging is a miniature copy of the original album artwork which is very cool. Definitely, a must have for Allman fans and people who want to sample them at their best. 

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Disc: 1 
1. Ain't Wastin' Time No More 
2. Brers in A Minor 
3. Melissa 
4. Mountain Jam [Live] 
5. One Way Out [Live] 
6. Trouble No More [Live] 
7. Stand Back 
8. Blue Sky 
9. Little Martha 

Disc: 2 
1. Statesboro Blues [Live]
2. Don't Keep Me Wonderin' [Live]
3. Done Somebody Wrong [Live]
4. One Way Out [Live] 
5. In Memory of Elizabeth Reed [Live]
6. Midnight Rider [Live] 
7. Hot 'Lanta [Live]
8. Whipping Post [Live]
9. You Don't Love Me [Live]

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