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Amie Comeaux - Memories Left Behind 
Review By: George Peden, CSO Staff Journalist

When 21-year old Amie Comeaux went to God on December 21, 1997, after a wet road accident near her Baton Rouge, Louisiana home, many mourned the loss as senseless and tragic. It was. The talented and vivacious singer songwriter had been out front of audiences since the age of two. Prior to her untimely death, her career was starting to move. She had been gaining wide recognition for her music, with many industry leaders predicting a future for the youthful humanitarian who was praised for her work with the elderly and the infirmed. Then, sadly, a straight stretch of road, heavy rain and a miscalculated tree ended the dream.

For fans, those who enjoyed her previous albums -- "Moving Out" (1994) "A Very Special Angel" (1998) – this final release, an album with10 songs recorded before her death, the album will be a reminder that hers was a talent taken too soon.

Dedicated to her mother, Carmen (she passed August 13, 2006), the album is a vibrant mix of upbeat toe-tappers, and a balanced blend of ballads. The album also includes the latest single to radio, “Never Had A Girl Like Me”. The track, a mid-paced country rocker, tells of a girl who describes her relationship arrival as like “trading a tractor for a thunderbird”. Lucky guy!

Tracks like “Keeping On” and “Make No Promises Tonight”, a tale of an optimistic revisit to a fractured and failed relationship are fine offerings; but both pale to the sensitivity of the James Beauhall and Sylvia Johns penned “A Rose By Any Other Name”. The tune, poignant and revealing, tells of homegrown shame at the hands of a drunken father, with the result “Rose” takes to the streets.

As the lyrics tell, it’s a story that has a familiarity offering a sad echo that many of us know, but many of us choose to ignore:

“Her home now is a shipping crate
In an alley by a heating grate
She wears clothes someone else threw out
She gets her meals at the mission house
She’s had the chance to sell herself
But her heart tells her it ain’t right
Each day she searches for her sanity
Then struggles for survival each night
She fashions paper roses to give to strangers on the street
Sometimes they leave some loose change
In a fruit jar at her feet
Everybody calls her Rose, her real name no one knows
But a rose by any other name is still a rose”

Maybe the next time we see the “bag lady”, this tune might remind us that often life’s biggest pains and hurts are not self-inflicted.

Standout cuts are the rock tinged “Ain’t Heard Nothing Yet”, “You Could Steal Me” and love’s constraint of keeping the truth quiet when it comes to liking the guy, “Don’t Tell Him”.

The album is out now on Beaujo Music. The album is a fitting tribute to the talents of a singer whose remembrance is now complete. Memories Left Behind has seen to that. 

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1: Keep On
2: A Rose By Any Other Name
3: Make No Promises Tonight
4: Ain’t Heard Nothin’ Yet
5: You Could Steal Me
6: Never Had A Girl Like Me
7: Don’t Tell Him
8: He’s Easy To Please
9: How Hard Could It Be
10: All By Myself

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