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Amy Dalley at Joe’s Bar in Chicago
By: Brianna Nightingale, CSO Staff Journalist

“Let’s Try Goodbye,” was the most recent single released to radio written and recorded by Amy Dalley, a gifted artist who has a knack for writing incredible songs.

Dalley, whose debut, self-titled album is due out toward the end of the year, recently put on a great show at Joe’s Bar in Chicago. With fans so close they were touching the stage, Dalley began her 16-song set with “Romeo,” a whimsical tune with amusing lyrics. “Talk” came before “I Built This Wall,” a toe-tapping song that will have you dancing before you know how it happened. The mirthful Dalley introduced “The Beauty of Goodbye,” mentioning that time after a break-up when you can “pack up his crap and put it in the front yard.” “Friday Night” and “Or Not” came just before one of Dalley’s previous singles, “Love’s Got An Attitude.” “This is a true story,” she said. “I got my divorce papers on Valentines Day; it was the best thing he ever gave me.”

Since she is from a small town in Tennessee and knows what that means, Dalley wrote “Gossip” so those who have ever lived in a small town could relate to it and those who haven’t could understand.

I heard it through the grapevine
That’s where the whole thing starts
Never mind the details, jump to the juicy part
My neighbor’s cousin heard it from the guy who fixed her car
The rumor mill’s rockin’, the whole town’s hoppin’
Nothin’ gets ‘em talking like a little gossip

“Havin’ Its Way,” a slow tune, changed the pace for a moment, but Dalley was right back at the quick-tempo songs with “Drivin’” and her current single, “Let’s Try Goodbye.”

We've tried it your way, tried it my way
We've tried everything but the highway 
Let's give it up, let's let it go
Let's let it ride, let's try goodbye 

“I Want A Man,” “He Makes Me Wanna” and “Hot Girls In Love” came just before Dalley began wrapping up her show. She finished with “All I Better Say About That,” one which will cause memories to surface for almost everyone, and another well-known song of hers, “Men Don’t Change.” The lyrics in this song were definitely thought through very well.

“Cupid works for the devil, be suspicious if he cries
You know sex is usually good but it ain’t always right
Chocolate is a Band-aid no matter what they say
and men don’t change.”

Seeing how comfortable Dalley appears during shows, it is not a surprise to find out that she has been performing on stage since 6th grade. Nothing really inspired me to be a performer, it’s just what I always drifted to,” she said. Writing about events in her every day life, Dalley usually co-writes her songs. “I get too imaginative if I write by myself,” she said. 

Working hard to get where she is today, Dalley has formed a band, written songs which were recorded by other artists including Martina McBride, worked at Dollywood (Dolly Parton’s theme park) and she also co-wrote a song which got a lot of attention when it was played in an episode of Dawson’s Creek.

Despite the number of singles Dalley has written, she is just now preparing to release her first album. The fun-spirited, everyday life events in her lyrics as well as her radiant energy on stage are what make this performer such a pleasure to see live.

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