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Bobby Pinson - Songs For Somebody
Review By: Kevin Snyder, CSO Contributing Journalist

Bobby Pinson has been a force to be reckoned with in Nashville for several years as a songwriter with the likes of Toby Keith, Tracy Lawrence, Van Zant, Blake Shelton, LeAnn rimes, and many more covering his songs. His first number one hit came with the recent Sugarland smash “Want To”.

Songs for Somebody is Pinson’s sophomore effort as a recording artist and is every bit as good as his first tour of duty. Pinson follows up his first album, Man Like Me, with a record full of drinking, battling inner demons, war, love, and finding God. 

According to Pinson, his style of country is like, “A John Deere Tractor with an airplane engine.” His voice may not sound as crisp and polished as most that come through Nashville these days, but it works for him. Pinson sings about experiences that nearly every other artist covers, but the grit in his voice makes you believe that he has actually survived these experiences. 

The album starts off with a man reflecting on his past in “Back In My Drinkin’ Days”. The song sets an excellent tone for the album as Pinson shows a preview of an album full of emotion and great lyric. Pinson’s vocals really sell the song about recovery from alcohol addiction and his saving grace.

Another highlight on the album is “Don’t Think I Don’t Think About It.” In the song, Pinson reminisces about the problems he had in his life and how he came to overcome them. The song contains some pretty good lyrics, including a haunting line about the battle within, “I’ve got a ghost / Who likes to drink and smoke / And bring her home at night / He still rattles his chains.”

“If I Don’t Make it Back” is one of the best songs on the album and one of the better songs about war that any country artist has produced. Tracy Lawrence recently covered it and included it in one of his Greatest Hits packages. The song focuses on a young man who goes off to war and requests that his friends live their lives and move on if he doesn’t make it back. “Have a beer for me / Don’t waste no tears on me / On Friday night sit on the visitor side and cheer for the home team…” expresses the selflessness of a soldier gone off to war.

In “Just To Prove I Could,” Pinson sings of a young man trying to prove to himself and others that he can make it in the world. The first verse is about quitting school and proving to his parents that he can survive. In the second verse he speaks of working on his old fixer-up truck and his ability to show it off when he finishes fixing it up. The song has an upbeat attitude that is sure to connect with anyone who has ever been told that they aren’t good enough for something.

“If I Met God Tonight” speaks of Pinson of giving a high five to the man upstairs for not answering his prayers from his earlier days because he is much happier with the way things turned out for him. Pinson paints a portrait of mistakes he has made and how he would rectify them if he met God. 

Even though you may not yet hear much of Bobby Pinson on country radio, his songwriting is remarkable. On Songs For Somebody, every song has an emotional aspect to it as Pinson wastes no time with fluff novelty songs that many artists will include as album fillers. Overall, this is a phenomenal album that is definitely worth a listen.

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