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Cross Canadian Ragweed and Micky and the Motorcars at Joe’s In Chicago 
By: Brianna Nightingale, CSO Staff Journalist

Southern rock and a little bit of country walked through the door of Joe’s Bar the other night. It came in the form of two all-male bands who rocked their hearts out for hours.

Micky and the Motorcars opened for Cross Canadian Ragweed, showing their true talent on stage with a little help from their guitars, drums, vocals of course, and even a harmonica, which was played by the lead singer’s brother.

I had never heard of Micky and the Motorcars until I saw them live in Chicago that night, but I quickly became a fan when I heard “Careless” and “Carolina Morning,” both from their 2006 album, Careless.

My cousin and good friend, Cheryl, attended the concert with me. 

“They have good energy and stage presence; I also like the genre of music and how it isn’t quite rock and it isn’t quite country either,” she said. “I also really like that they use a harmonica.” 

The lyrics in the songs they played were very original; not the same as songs you usually hear. 

“They seem like a unique and creative band, which is a nice change from the same old music you hear everyday on the radio,” Cheryl said.

After about an hour on stage, Micky and the Motorcars ended their set and the members of Cross Canadian Ragweed began theirs. 

The first thing I always hear when mentioning this band is a question, somehow asking about their name. The band’s name comes from a combination of all four original band members’ names, which are Cross, Canada, Ragsdale and Wiedemann.

Although their music sounds great on a disc, it’s even better when it’s coming through the big speakers on a stage. Many people, including a morning radio DJ from US99, say Cross Canadian Ragweed is one of the best bands to see live.

They rocked out on stage to songs such as “Late Last Night,” “Fightin’ For,” “Constantly” and “Alabama.”

The crowd participated in many songs; sometimes they were louder than the ones with microphones on stage.

“Dimebag” and my favorite, “17,” were also part of the long set. Although they didn’t get on stage until after 9:00 pm, Cross Canadian Ragweed played for about three hours; the fans loved every minute.

The energy which these musicians have is unbelievable. Micky and the Motorcars as well as Cross Canadian Ragweed are two great bands that obviously love what they do and they are surely good at it. There did not appear to be even one unhappy soul in the audience that night.


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