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Carolina Rain - Weather The Storm 
Album Review By: Penny Rondinella, CSO Staff Journalist

The awesome trio consisting of Rhean Boyer, Jeremy Baxter, and Marvin Evatt make up Carolina Rain which is also the title of the very first song they wrote together. They are out to prove to the country music fans and industry that they are here and here to stay. In no time at all they were on the charts and are well on their way to making a stand in country music. At the time of this writing they've already been to the mother church of country music, the Grand Ole Opry, not once, but twice, and with Clint Black helping to produce this album, how could they go wrong? Equity Music Group has signed a great trio with strong motivation that makes for a very dynamic mix.

Rhean Boyer, (pronounced Wren) the lead vocalist, has his hand prints all over this debut album. He wrote eleven out of the twelve tracks. The Trio's influences stem from Alabama, the Eagles, Flatt & Scruggs and one of my favorites, the King himself, Elvis Presley.

These guys came together because of their common love for acoustic, harmony-driven music. Now they are witnessing that persistence pays off. After six long years of paying their dues and taking their licks on Music Row, they are on their way to living their dream. They've scored their first ever top twenty-five record with their current single, "Get Outta My Way" (ironically, the only song on this album not written by the boys). A song about a typical guys night out on the town and helping each other meet (pick up on) beautiful women and suggesting that they will do whatever it takes.

"Dealin'" is a song that hits home with anyone struggling through tough times. While a couple others "How It Should Be," "All Before the Sun Goes Down," and "Someone's Child" all have a spiritual sound to them. I was not surprised to read somewhere that this trio was being compared to the Eagles and also Bread.

Taking my cue from the title of their album, I see only sunny skies in the future for this talented trio.

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Carolina Rain
Get Outta My Way
Isn't She
I Ain't Scared
How It Should Be
All Before the Sun Goes Down
Someone's Child
That's Alright with Me
Man I've Been Looking For
Sweet Virginia Kiss
Who Needs the Sun

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