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Corinne West - Second Sight
Review By: Jim Moulton, CSO Staff Journalist

This is my first listen to this lady's refreshing singing. Second Sight by Corinne West is produced very well by Mike Marshall. The recording has a very bright tone with a heavy bass sound too, so it covers a lot of the music spectrum. West's voice really shines as she sings with confidence and emotion. She has some very good acoustic and bluegrass musicians on the CD. Jerry Douglas, Darol Anger and Tony Furtado add their instruments to the mix.

"Hand Full Of Gold" is a sweet poetic ballad with some great backup vocals. Really nice mandolin fills by Marshall, the producer. A very sparse, but full sounding song.

"Cabin Door" is another sweet bluegrass song with some very nice guitar and it is a song about living in a cabin high in the Sierra Mountains which she did. Douglas has some very nice dobro parts. The song references a river nearby taking all of the shame to the sea to cleanse it.

"Gandy Dancer" is a song that I like a lot. Up-tempo bluegrass with a nice story about an older fellow who worked for the railroad as a Gandy Dancer, now done by machines. West really is a talented songwriter, with some great material here.

"Lost and Found" has a great groove going on. Some neat acoustic guitar and some nice deep bass. Another very sparse song.

"Eye Of The Storm" has some beautiful vocals and a very catchy melody with sweet mandolin and dobro. The drums on this acoustic song are perfect. Some more really inspiring lyrics about the peace of being in the eye of the storm. The instruments have a really nice swell like effect going on. 

"Diamonds To The Wind" is a great upbeat bluegrass kicker. This band really sounds good. A really nice bluesy guitar break and Douglas takes off on the dobro. Boy, really nice banjo pickin' too here. This CD reminds me a bit of Carrie Hastler and Hard Rain's CD from earlier this year.

West has written a great selection of songs here and I think her group along with the supporting cast make this disc special. It is real refreshing to hear some traditional based music that has a contemporary feel to it. This is her second CD, she produced her first CD herself. I see West as only getting better, a real great addition to the Americana market.

Released - 10-23-07

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