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Crystal Gayle - Greatest Hits
Review By: Jim Moulton, CSO Staff Journalist

Sure, there are many song compilations of Gayle's music (even one by Rhino), I would definitely call this one the definitive disc. Sixteen number one hits, songs from everywhere are here. A production of Capitol records, mastered by Evren Goknar at Capitol Mastering in Hollywood. This is a very well done disc, great tone and a very unified sounding project. 

Crystal Gayle ( aka Brenda Gail Webb) said she would have sang somewhere in her life , just a matter of where and when. A very pure engaged voice she carries well. Back to the name thing, her sister Loretta Lynn (19 years older) helped get Gayle her first record deal. The label already had Brenda Lee, so she became Crystal Gayle.

Lynn wrote her first song "I've Cried (The Blue Right Out Of My Eyes)" and it was produced by Owen Bradley in the Patsy Cline Style.

Personally, not familiar with lots of her stuff, it really sounds great, country guitar with some strings and pop sounding music. Some really nice pedal steel on the disc too. Her vocals keep it country. Gayle had started out on Decca, but touring with her sister just didn't work so she ended up on United Artists.

Ok, her signature song just came on "Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue" (Richard Leigh). Just a great song that she makes her own.

There are some great pics of Gayle and nice liner notes with the twenty five song disc.

"Talking In Your Sleep" is another career song. A beautifully well done love ballad about good love gone bad. 

"Why Have You Left The One You Left Me For" has a real country sound with some great guitar. The song overall has a great sound.

"When I Dream" has a nice acoustic country touch with some dobro. "I can even call someone to take me to the moon". This collection covers from 1978 to 1986, when Gayle was on top of the pop and country charts.

I'm guessing that Richard Bennett played some of the lead guitar, no credits listed, just sounds like him. "You And I" by her and Eddie Rabbit was a beautiful song that was a huge hit for both of them. I really like "Til I gain Control Again" by Rodney Crowell.

I saw Gayle once in the prime of her career around 1980, very good live performer. A must have for Gayle fans.

8/28/07 Release

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