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Crystal Sands – Untitled 
Album review by Amy Ross, CSO Staff Journalist

Good golly it's been one thing after another here at the Ross residence. Internet problems, crashing computers why, even my stereo decided it was time to fly south. Trying to get any reviews done has been a feat in itself lately. I finally coerced a friend into loaning me her laptop so I could tell the country music world about an extremely talented, young new singer and songwriter named Crystal Sands. 

Not just another pretty face in the music industry, Sands has a voice to match her beautiful appearance. In this powerful demo album she fearlessly covers “It's Your call” by Reba and “Crazy,” one of Patsy Cline's most memorable hits. Each song is its own display of the magnificent qualities in Sands voice and she is able to show off the broad range of her vocal abilities. 

I have to admit when I saw “Crazy” on the album jacket I was a little worried because I’ve only heard one woman who can really sing Patsy Cline and that was Cline herself. Oh yes, many people try, and some may even do okay. Well folks, Sands goes way beyond just okay; she nails it and delivers an absolutely beautiful rendition. Showcasing her versatility, Sands also includes another tough standard; “Cowboy's Sweetheart.” I have attempted this song myself, only in the privacy of my pick-up, of course, and this isn't an easy song to sing. This track, where her fun personality clearly shines through, probably best illustrates that Sands is right at home behind a microphone and her music will most definitely be able to please any audience. 

Now we all know there is a final test for any true country artist, right? That would be the slow songs; those unforgettable ballads that laid the foundation for country music. Well Sands delivers again with one of the best I’ve ever heard; “Under A Tennessee Moon,” written by Kelly Lang. On this hauntingly beautiful track, she has a smooth, soft and soothing tone that begs to be played while you are leisurely relaxing on the porch swing enjoying a pitcher of sweet tea.  

I happen to know that Sands has been spending more time in the studio and I am really looking forward to hearing what she comes up with for her next project. I hope to hear more of those ol' time country sounds like she delivers on “These Are Them,” because she certainly has what it takes to bring an exciting new pizzazz to traditional country music. I’ve also learned that on her next album she plans on including a song her two that she has written.

I have a strong hunch that Sands will be a conquering force that is going to take music city by storm. If this first project was designed to whet our appetite and geared to tempt our taste buds, it worked like magic. I can’t wait to see what she cooks up for the entrée. 

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