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Daniel Lee Martin - On My Way To You
By: Jolene Downs, CSO Contributing Journalist  

As an independent artist, Daniel Lee Martin put his extensive Marketing and Advertising know-how to work to get his name out to the fans. During a 20 month, 300 store Wal-Mart promotion for his first CD, Martin kept up a grueling schedule of 12 shows a week and gathered an extensive fan base while becoming one of the most talked about independent artists of 2004. The album was recognized on the charts and his foot was solidly wedged in the Nashville door. His sophomore album, On My Way to You, was released in April. And with such names as Rivers Rutherford, Tom Shapiro, Anthony Smith and Andrea Sholpe behind the songs you know that this album is going to take the industry by storm. Martin is also a writer and "Moonshine Momma," one of my favorite songs on the album, is his contribution to the project. One of the things I really like about Martin is that he is true to himself and his music. He won't allow himself to be re-structured into what the industry may think he should be. As a result, the music is honest and emotionally charged. 

Jan Sholpe produced the 15 track album and it opens with "Stark Raving Crazy In Love." It is a fun loving song that talks about all the crazy things a guy will do in the name of love. A simple smile will make him melt and do anything necessary to keep the smile on her face. "On My Way to You" is a song about fate. He says that it is miracle he's still standing with everything he has been through. But with everything he's done in his life, it was a fated step that brought him closer and closer to her and it was all worth it. "Keep Your Hands to Yourself" is a song that made my girls both laugh. The line 'no huggy, no kissy until you make me your wife' was a big hit for them. It is really a fun little song that puts a smile on your face. Along with the light hearted music there are also great ballads. "That's What God Made Rivers For" carries a message about respecting the land and slowing down a little and enjoying life. He also includes one of the first country songs I remember hearing on the radio, "Take Me Home Country Roads." 

Overall, this is a very enjoyable album to listen to. Martin is incredibly talented and has some very solid ideas about where he wants to go with his music. He's also very savvy in the advertising and marketing world thanks to running his own advertising company for 12 years, so he knows how to market what he does. That combination is a recipe for some wonderful things to come. This is a CD well worth checking out.  

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