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On The Verge: The 2007 Indie Artist Watch
By Jim Weaver, CSO Editor in Chief 

I am excited, excited about a lot of things in 2007. CSO is going to grow more, we're going to add new features and take bolder steps in bringing you a bigger more entertaining website this year. So, to kick things off, lets take a look at some of the artists that, in my opinion, will be making big strides of their own this year:

Tresa Jordon - Talent, beauty and brains all come together in this young lady from Florida. Jordon discovered, as so many do, that it takes a while to get things done in your music career, it wasn't until mid 2006 that her self-titled debut CD was finally released. Our Jim Moulton called it a "masterpiece" in his review published last year and I agree. Jordon has a truly angelic country music voice suited for radio, CD, MP3 player, myspace or wherever you get a chance to listen. I can't wait to hear more from her this year.  www.TresaJordan.com  

Ansel Brown - This young man from the Carolinas is poised to kick some country music booty in 2007, simply by judging from the strides he made in '06. His debut CD will be out at some point this year and he has the self-marketing know-how to put it all into high gear when it does. What we've heard so far is great; can't wait to hear the rest. www.AnselBrown.com 

Rissi Palmer - I wrote a June 2006 "Waiting in the Wings" piece about this young lady and while I have heard a little tidbit here and there about her during the rest of this past year, not near as much as we should have in my opinion. This is one of the most talented singer/songwriters in Nashville and whatever barriers have been in her way toward success in country music, they need to be ripped away so she can take center stage where she belongs. I promise, if you listen, you will like. More, more, more! www.RissiPalmer.com 

Cody McCarver - Cody has been making a living as a country musician and backup singer for a long time now but in 2006 he busted out of the shoot with his own debut CD titled, Peace, Love and Coondawgs. The title alone should give you a good indication of Cody's state of mind, he's pretty much a nut... in a good way. His current single "Red Flag" is a song you should be hearing on country radio all across the country; if you don't hear it, request it. McCarver is a country boy from Tennessee with a big cheesy grin who just loves playing music. Take a redneck, an outlaw and a southern rocker, chunk them all into a blender and, after you get arrested, what you'll hear is pure Cody McCarver. www.CodyMcCarver.com 

Cowboy Crush - Although technically not Indies, I have to mention them because they are still one of the most talented bands anywhere. Trenna, Renae Becky, Debbie and Darla are one amazing group of musicians, singers and songwriters. If they finally get that debut CD out there this year (we at CSO have all our fingers and toes crossed), I believe we will see some fast rising superstars. Everywhere they play their fan base grows. Wake up radio programmers, I know you don't like to step out of the box too often, but CC is your chance to say, "I saw this one coming so I played them now". Go for it, dare to be different! www.CowboyCrush.com 

W. Earl Brown / Sacred Cowboy - A man I already liked and admired as an actor and then a few months ago I hear he's got a band! Who knew! Sacred Cowboy is not mainstream country or rock, it's slammed like a Pete Townsend guitar somewhere in the middle, and I like it. If you're a hard-core country George Strait fan, this may not be your cup-o-beer, but if you like Waylon and Metallica, this will melt your muffins. www.SacredCowboys.com 


There are so many talented people I have met, online and off, this past year and I can't wait to hear more from all of them, people like; Natalie StovallCrystal Sands, Kameron Ross, Mary Sue Englund, Kristen Kukta, Shannon Mock, Lady Antebellum, Ashley Gearing, Rachel Shay, Laura Lynn, Tim Cooper, Eric Agnew, Travis Rush, Bomshel, Ray Herndon, Tom Wurth and Michelle Rene' just to name a few. There are many more but time doesn't permit.

2006 was a big year for Indies overall and one group in particular produced a #1 hit song; I'm talking, of course, about Heartland's "I Loved Her First". That doesn't happen very often and bodes well for every other Indie out there that's hoping for their one big chance to make that leap to stardom. 2007 may be the year any, or all, of the above mentioned artists, or some that I haven't heard of yet, will break through to success. One thing is certain, the music business is changing and CSO will be there every step of the way to introduce you to the best this industry has to offer, based strictly on their talent.

CountryStarsOnline.com is looking forward to a fantastic '07, and we're glad you're with us.

Jim Weaver

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