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Emerson Drive at Joe’s Bar In Chicago   
Concert Review By: Brianna Nightingale, CSO Contributing Journalist

As the lights dimmed and clips of Emerson Drive songs played through the stereo, country music fans cheered loudly on a Wednesday night at Joe’s Bar in Chicago.

For many years I always hoped to one day see Emerson Drive perform live. On this night I saw them for the second time at a show hosted by our local country station, US99. The crowd’s cheering became significantly more emphatic as the six members of Emerson Drive made their way to the stage through a side door of the venue. Launching into their set with “Sweet Natural Girl,” the guys made an exciting entrance that anyone who had seen them live before probably expected. “November,” a song from their What If album was played just before my favorite song of theirs, “Fall Into Me”. Mates put the microphone out for a few fans to lead the crowd with lyrics from “Fall Into Me”. “Too Much” and one that will grab any female’s attention, “Lucky Man,” were to follow. 

Emerson Drive played another favorite of mine, “Waitin’ On Me,” before Mates took a minute to thank the fans for helping get “Moments,” their current single, to number two on the charts. Brad mentioned that there was a good chance it would soon get to number one; it did the next day. Keyboardist Dale Wallace, lead singer Brad Mates, and guitarist Danick Dupelle were the only ones left on stage with acoustic guitars for Guns-N-Roses’ “Patience,” Lifehouse's “You and Me” and “Next To You” by Shenandoah.

The six members of Emerson Drive did another six-song set before they thanked everyone for coming and left the stage. The crowd continued to cheer until they came back on, one by one, each playing solos. The night ended with an amazing performance of “Devil Went Down To Georgia.”

Brad, Danick, Dale, Mike, Patrick and David signed autographs after the show. With excellent performances and friendliness toward fans, Emerson Drive is a band that has great songs but the extent of their talent is unknown until they are seen live.

Brad Mates belts out "Moments".

Complete 17-Song Set:

Sweet Natural Girl 
Fall Into Me
Too Much
Lucky Man
Waitin’ On Me
Patience – Guns ‘n Roses
You and Me – Lifehouse
Next To You – Shenandoah
Last One Standing
I Should Be Sleeping
Everyday Woman
A Good Man
Devil Went Down To Georgia

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