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Jason Aldean - Relentless
Concert Review By: Brianna Nightingale, CSO Contributing Journalist

With relatable lyrics, exciting harmonies and a definitive voice, Jason Aldean is back for round two. After both of his debut album’s hits “Hicktown” and “Why,” he had to come up with something special to advance even further. His second album, Relentless, does just that. 

Sensing that Aldean loves what he does and desires to associate with his crowd everywhere he goes, it’s no surprise that he calls his music “amped-up contemporary country, with Southern rock and honky-tonk influences.” That single you’ve been hearing for weeks on the radio, “Johnny Cash,” surely fits into that category. I knew right away that there was something about the song that reminded me of Big and Rich; then I found out that John Rich wrote it. Written about freedom and abandon, the song is upbeat, fun and a perfect song for fans to hear first.

Shortly after high school, with the band he put together, Aldean revealed his love for music. He had the opportunity to go to college and play baseball or build his music career. “I Use What I Got,” the third cut on his sophomore album, meticulously describes the ups and downs leading to his career. Making it known that Aldean uses the talents he already has to work his way to the top, he gives off a rather motivational tone in this song. It is one of those tunes you’ll have going through your head all day. 

Many relationships go through that hard-to-get-over-you stage even after they have technically ended. “Who’s Kissing You Tonight” and “Do You Wish It Was Me” are two songs that will take you back to the relationship you couldn’t forget. Aldean’s choice to add these both to the album contribute to the lyrics he has already given his listeners to relate to. He knows that jealousy and memories, two themes of both songs, are a part of everyone’s life in one way or another.

“Grown Woman,” also about relationship troubles, is a duet with Miranda Lambert. Her voice is not easy to pick out, however, if you don’t know it’s there. The lyrics and tonality of his voice combine well to really make this a moving piece about a past relationship from a man’s perspective.

Thinking about past relationships gone wrong, “I Break Everything I Touch” is a fun song, although also a warning to women not to get too close. 

“I can make some excuses/ but darlin’ the truth is I’m just the reckless kind/ and I don’t want to leave you to pick up the pieces/ oh no matter how I try/ Girl I break everything I touch/ Little girl that’s close enough/ seems like every heart I ever loved/ I break everything I touch.”

The lyrics to “No”, “Back In This Cigarette” and the title track “Relentless” remind us that everything happens just the way it is suppose to. The passion in Aldean’s voice during “Back In This Cigarette” makes it impossible not to picture him sitting there in that hotel room at 2 am, counting regrets and fighting back tears, “trying to put smoke back in this cigarette.” 

“We Laughed Until We Cried” is a touching cut about a family’s nostalgic history that will always bring a smile to their faces. On the same track, “Not Every Man Lives” is geared to remind listeners that we don’t have to wait for a special occasion to really enjoy our lives. An inspiring song, Aldean tells us to go out and do the things we’ve always wanted to, but never got around to doing.

At the Academy of Country Music Awards in 2006, Aldean’s hard work was recognized when he was named Top New Male Vocalist. This album, Relentless, is sure to make Aldean’s hard work pay off once again.

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