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Jeff Foxworthy: Big Night Out DVD
Review By: George Peden, CSO Staff Journalist

It’s a winning formula. Combine the jocular antics of redneck comedian Jeff Foxworthy to a host of big name country acts, sprinkle in loose and funny storylines and you have the making of a big night. Plaster each of the half hour shows with a tune or two, and you’re on the way to solid country entertainment. That, in essence, is Foxworthy’s TV show, Big Night Out. And… it works. The live audience loved it, and now, from the comfort of home, we get the chance to relive the popular TV show.

With names like Kenny Rogers, Pat Green, Sara Evans, Hank Williams Jr., to name a few, the 12 part series, available now on two DVDs on Paramount Home Entertainment, shows why Foxworthy is a cutting edge blue collar approved larrikin.

The episodes start with a monologue of Foxworthy’s funniest observations of life and the suburban struggle, familiar to all of us. In the simple enough format, the guest act then teams up with Foxworthy and his cast buddies to connect with the hardest of all public performances: comedy. And…surprisingly, it all works. It’s simple and laughable humor, stuff the whole family can chuckle at.

Not only is there the 12 show series, with enough laughter and merriment to while away several hours, not to forget the music, but the series also comes with extras. These include bloopers, Foxworthy notable monologues, behind the scenes at how the show unfolds, and there’s also an up close and personal on The Homewreckers. These eight talented dancers add zest and charm to the show, while making me ask: what ever became of wrestling’s Nitro girls? For those in need of maintenance and fitness direction, there is also a funny segment on cast fitness.

Foxworthy and his Big Night Out is a good buy. The guy is funny, lampooning the ordinary while yanking on our collective legs ever so gently. Throw in a just-right pick of today’s favs – acts like Jack Ingram, Blake Shelton and Joe Nichols – and you have a reason to think twice about going out tonight. My advice? Settle in, rearrange the bean bag, take the phone of the hook and warm the popcorn, your big night out is happening closer to home.

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