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Jerry Douglas - Americana Master Series: Best of the Sugar Hill Years 
Review By: Jim Moulton, CSO Staff Journalist

Sugar Hill Records, home of many a great artist, is making a tribute to three of it's best, longtime artists; including Jerry Douglas, Guy Clark and James McMurtry. Douglas has made five CDs for Sugar Hill Records.

Sadly, Sugar Hill is closing it's Carolina doors where it has been for about thirty years under the direction of President Barry Poss. They will be opening up an office in Nashville and continue it's marketing deal with Welk media.

Dobro and Jerry Douglas are two words that just go together. You would have trouble finding a better player. Douglas played with the Whites during the Eighties before going solo. A big influence for Douglas was veteran player Josh Graves who has a very unique style. 

This Disc represents five CDs that Douglas did with Sugar Hill, fifteen tracks in all from his Sugar Hill period which hopefully will continue. Douglas is probably most well known as Dobro player for Alison Krauss and Union Station.

Douglas plays many styles on this sampler, ranging from bluegrass to acoustic country to jazz and in between. He plays with the best on these discs, like Viktor Krauss/bass, Bryan Sutton/acoustic guitar, Tim O'Brien/vocals and mandolin, Sam Bush/mandolin and Peter Rowan/vocals and guitar. 

"Birdland" has a real acoustic, jazzy feel. Bela Fleck on banjo, Stuart Duncan on fiddle. Great melody and hooks on this song. By the way, Airshow Mastering did an awesome job of mastering this disc, it shimmers with tight bass and great tone.

"A New Day Medley" is sweet, just Douglas and his Dobro, playing a medley of tunes.

"Cave Bop" is a tune that really rocks, with a great sounding melody. Viktor Krauss on bass really rocks the song. Bryan Sutton plays some aggressive acoustic guitar plus some nice sax by Jeff Coffin.

"Ride The Wild Turkey" is a more traditional bluegrass song. Scott Nygaard on guitar here. Great banjo on this instrumental by Craig Smith.

I highly recommend this disc, just a great collection by Nashville's best Dobro player.

Imprint- Sugar Hill Records

1. Wild Rumpus 
2. Takaraska 
3. Senia's Lament 
4. We Hid and Seek 
5. Lullaby of the Leaves 
6. New Day Medley 
7. Cave Bop 
8. Hey Joe 
9. Birdland 
10. Monkey Let the Hogs Out 
11. Ride the Wild Turkey 
12. Tribute to Peador O'Donnell 
13. Things in Live 
14. Like It Is 
15. In the Sweet By and By

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