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John  Berry - HITS
By: Jolene Downs, CSO Contributing Journalist  

John Berry has released an album from Clear Sky Records called HITS. It is a repackaged release of the previous 'Greatest Hits' album from Capital Records with one song change. One thing I have to say about John Berry is that he has a voice that reaches out and grabs you. When it comes to singing ballads, I don't think you can find anyone with a voice better suited to their delivery than Berry's. And the great news is that this album is just a prelude to the brand new music Berry is releasing this summer. A little something to whet the appetite and leave you wanting more. And anyone listening to this album will definitely want more.

You know that if you are listening to a John Berry hits collection that you will absolutely hear "Your Love Amazes Me." That is one of my favorite songs of all time and always makes me appreciate the love of my life even more. And with as many terrific songs as Berry has recorded over the years, I'm sure it wasn't easy narrowing down the material for this album. The twelve tracks that were chosen as the final project are arguably some of the best he has ever recorded and now they are all in one spot. As I listened to this CD I was thinking how hard it is to review a Greatest Hits collection because what can you say that hasn't already been said. However, my uppermost thought all through the album was what an incredible voice and range Berry has. His powerful tenor just reaches out and soars through the songs. "Kiss Me in the Car" is an upbeat song that talks about how things used to be and how they should go back to the days of just going for a drive and kissing in the car. "You and Only You" is tear jerker love ballad about forgiveness and complete and total love. A few other songs that you'll find on this album are "Standing On The Edge Of Goodbye," "She's Taken A Shine," "When A Man Loves A Woman" and "I Will, If You Will." This is definitely a CD that will not disappoint. It is made for popping in the player and just escaping in your mind to a sandy beach with a gorgeous sunset and a drink in your hand while you stroll along with your love. 

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