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John Starling and Carolina Star - Slidin' Home
Review By: Jim Moulton, CSO Staff Journalist

Carolina Star are John Starling - lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Mike Auldridge - resophonic guitar and Tim Gray - standup bass. These guys had played together before in a band called Seldom Scene. There are many guests pickin' and singing including Emmy Lou Harris, Jon Randall and others.

This band was made for live performances, not only on stage, but in the studio. They wanted to get away from the multi-layered recording approach and do it live with the same Hi-Definition that modern techniques add. George Massenburg helped engineer and produce this warm, simple yet powerful disc. 

A real great selection of songs. Hearing Starling and Harris sing on "In My Hour Of Darkness" is moving. The recording is the warmest digital recording that I've ever heard, sounds very analog. Some great lead guitar by Randall, really sounding naturally acoustic with beautiful hi-lonesome harmonies.

The roots of this music go back to one of my favorite times of music history, Starling and Auldridge played on Emmy Lou's classic "Elite Hotel" (1975)

"They'll never take her love from me" (Leon Payne) is a real beauty, more sweet guitar by Randall and fiddle by Richie Simpkins.

Starling is real animated in his singing approach. On "Those Two Blue Eyes" (Nipper), there is some great pickin' and ethereal playin' on a Weissenborn guitar by Auldridge. This tune is so sweet.

Probably the hottest song here is the ageless "Willin"" by Lowell George. Starling really nails it in a real warm, slow delivery. Nice Piano, more incredible lap steel by Auldridge, unreal tone, just takes your head away.

If you like old time country, bluegrass pickin' that is up to date, John Starling and Carolina Star is for you.

Imprint - Rebel Records
Release Date 2/20/07

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1. Waitin' For A Train 
2. Cold Hard Business 
3. South Riding Tango 
4. In My Hour Of Darkness 
5. The Riverboat Song 
6. They'll Never Take Her Love From Me 
7. Those Two Blue Eyes 
8. Willin' 
9. Irish Spring 
10. Prayer For My Friends 

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