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Lacy Younger - Still Wild
By: Brianna Nightingale, CSO Contributing Journalist

By the time Lacy Younger began writing songs on the piano at age five, she already had two years of musical experience behind her. “I started taking requests at age three. My Grandma, Goldie would come grab me out of bed, stand me on the coffee table in my footie pajamas and insist I belt out ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ for a house full of martini clad party guests,” she said.

According to Younger, music was always in her house because of her mother’s beautiful voice and frequent use of the piano. On the way home from the beach one day when she was 15, Younger met some guys who wanted her to sing for their band. The rest was history; she began playing in local clubs about a year later.

Her debut album, Still Wild, includes thirteen tracks which deal with broken hearts and life lessons. Since she knows everyone experiences a rocky road when it comes to love, her wish is to inspire others. “If sharing my music encourages others in any way, I’m a happy girl,” she said on her website. 

All but two songs were written by Younger herself. The title track was written by Bonnie Hayes and “Here’s To You” was created by Dennis Robbins, Dave Loggins and John Scott Sherrill.

While I had the title track “Still Wild,” playing on my stereo, my fifteen year old brother walked into my room. He looked at me for a minute and said “this song is crazed.” Thinking about what he said, I listened closely and realized that Younger’s vocals go from soft and calm to “crazed” within just a few seconds. 

That minute one realizes their relationship has gone downhill is a moment that nobody wants to experience, but we all do because that’s life. “This Ain’t the First Time,” is about a girl who knows she’s about to be left alone, but because; “this ain’t the first time for someone to leave; won’t be the last time my little heart bleeds…it’s alright.” 

“Here’s To You” is written with the idea in mind that she will meet the man of her dreams some day. She doesn’t ever want to tell anyone she loves them unless it’s the right person. Referring to her future love interest, she says “I know mine’s out there somewhere, I just don’t know where he is.”

Yet another song about relationship endings comes with great lyrics and I like the idea behind it. “But I Miss You,” one of my favorites, will definitely grab your attention with its strong vocals and percussion. Younger’s passion will persuade you that she means every word. After being in a relationship for so long it is hard to get out of it when it goes wrong. She recognizes the comfort of a familiar relationship when she misses him but not the things he did.

To go along with “But I Miss You,” “Livin’ On Memories” gives the message that half of her wants to forget about him, but the other part desires to see him again. Everything about the melody of the song is convincing; starting with the tempo. It really gives that sad, daydreaming impression.

“Didn’t I” leaves Younger wondering what she did wrong, trying to figure out why the relationship didn’t work out. The ending explodes with emotion just before “This Time” comes to a screeching halt for a short time. As with most of her songs, Younger’s voice becomes loud for a moment to make her feelings known just before she calms down again.

Overall I believe Younger has the right idea about music. She knows none of our lives are the same, yet we still have similar experiences in our every day lives, especially with love. “We’ve all been there,” she says, “I just write about it.”

Younger’s tracks can be previewed on her myspace page or her main website.

Available April 7, 2007.

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This Ain't The First Time 
Still Wild 
Here's To You 
But I Miss You 
I Was Wrong 
Livin' On Memories 
Broken Heart, Broken Bones 
Dead Wrong 
Didn't I 
This Time 
Let Me In 
Not Forgiving You 
Something You Do 

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