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The Mickeys - Walk Along
Review By: Jim Moulton, CSO Staff Journalist

Four Years ago, twin sisters Amy and Julie Mickey with long curly brown hair came on the scene with a masterpiece CD, Finding Our Way. It is still a featured review on my archived website. I had picked the CD as "Best Indie CD of '03". 

The first CD was all acoustic , an exceptional mixture of acoustic guitars, bass, percussion, beautiful harmonies, just exceptional stuff. The girls music did well, was critically acclaimed, they toured, went to Europe where their music could be heard on radio in many countries. After awhile, they settled down and now both are married and they decided it was time to record a new CD. Both of their husbands are involved in the disc. One plays guitar and the other is executive producer. Lots of the same people are involved in both CDs like recording and mastering engineer John Albani. Also, class sessions player Wanda Vick plays mandolin/dobro/fiddle and banjo on both discs.

Now, this is where the change takes place. The first CD was very warm and full acoustic. Walk Along is different, it is recorded loud and mastered very aggressively like a lot of today's alt/country groups. The girl's songs are similar to the first CD. They do one cover of a Tom Petty song, the rest are all original, written by different configurations of Amy and Julie and friends and husbands.

Vocals are Julie Peebles and Amy Sherman (both formerly Mickey). Acoustic/electric guitars and slide,dobro - Bascam Peebles. Acoustic guitar - Stephen Sheehan, drummer/percussion - Pete Young, bass - Dow Tomlin, harmonica - Jim Hoke.

"I Believe" - A beautiful acoustic ballad that really does something to me, the sweet harmonies and dobro are just a great mix of instruments and vocals. Nice acoustic guitar and dobro break in the song. Vocal part at end is incredible. Nice electric guitar in background.

"Greatest Thing" - A hot mid tempo song with more beautiful vocals. This one has a rock sound with full drums, electric guitar, rock guitar break, fiddle break. The bass is great on this song.

"Going Home" - This is a sweet slow ballad, with some great lyrics. Nice electric guitar break. Love the shimmer on the acoustic guitar.

"Feel The Way I Do" (Jeff Hunter) - Real nice acoustic rocker with some more great electric guitar. 

"The River" - Pretty, mid tempo acoustic song, great harmony, real nice sound with lots of harmonics in music. Song sort of fades out.

"Take It Slow " - Another acoustic beauty, more great dual vocals. The bass follows the melody neatly.

"Standing In The Rain" - Nice mid tempo song with some real nice dobro and guitar.

Probably the best song on the disc is their rendition of Tom Petty's "Alright For Now". Simple sparse guitars and the vocals really portray the lyrics well.

The Mickey's have come a long way in their musical journey, and their lives have changed a lot with both being married now. The CDs have different flavors but the vocals sound pretty much the same on both CDs. Walk Along is a busier disc with lots more going on and rock influences in the music. I think Walk Along has the potential to be more popular, given the exposure.

Imprint - Riverbeat Records

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