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Mike Anderson - Real Country 
Review By: George Peden, CSO Staff Journalist

Real Country is not only the debut release from self-proclaimed “Country Drifter” Mike Anderson. Rather, it’s an honest reflection of a singer and songwriter who’s finally lived his dream. Anderson has, over his 50-plus years, stoked an ambition of recording an album. A chance meeting with Erin Hay’s favorite friend, noted Nashville producer Lonnie Ratliffe, and the die was cast. The dream became reality. 

While Anderson is no Alan Jackson, he does sing with a voice that’s listenable and with a melody that’s tuneful – a merciful and pleasing plus, given the earache agony that can often follow reviewing the efforts of “mature” Indie artists. 

Ratliffe has keenly guided Anderson with a good selection of country staples here. There’s also a measure of creative freedom with the inclusion of four Anderson-penned tunes. Bring in some tight playing, courtesy of some of Nashville’s best session players, sprinkle in some steel, add some needed Dobro, harmonica and harmony, and this is a pleasing entrée to future efforts.

The album opens with “Heartaches By The Number”. The Harlan Howard classic receives respected treatment, making it not only a pleasing memory, but a standout on the album. Another memory prod is the Tom Jones mega hit “Green Green Grass Of Home”. The song, written by former shoe salesman, Curly Putman, has been recorded well over 600 times in many and varied languages.

“Midnight At The Old Soldiers’ Home” is a patriotic reminder to the possible fate of those who serve, given the world we now live in. The teary tale of a lonely soldier with little other than shattered thoughts to mull over is handled sensitively by Anderson. Leroy Van Dyke’s “The Auctioneer”, along with Jimmy Rodgers’ “In The Jail House Now” both offer welcomed inclusions on this traditional infused album. 

“I would encourage anyone who has a dream to do something with their music. ”Go For It," tells the singer from Spanaway, WA. “This has been such a fulfilling experience that I wish I would have pursued this when I was in my 20's. I have been married to an Angel for 34 wonderful years and she has kept me focused on this dream. As I see it: "Life is too short not to follow your dream". Hope you enjoy my music.”

Rest easy, Mike. Here at CSO, we did.

The album is out now on Westwood International. Records

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