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Honkytonk Hitman - Shake That Twang 
Review By: Nora Mayor, CSO Contributing Journalist

When it comes to country music there is a wide variety of artist styles to choose from. You can either stay with your every day signed artists or you can stray off the beaten path and listen to some of the wonderful Indie talent is out there.

Mike Rodgers is one of those Indie talents. A Little Rock, Arkansas native, Rodgers moved to Nashville and lived in his car for a short while doing what he loved singing, playing music and boxing. Some of you may have heard of him as he is also known as the Honkytonk Hitman. This is Rodgers' fourth CD but it is the first produced solely by himself and Blue Tick Records. This CD is the closest thing to one of his live shows ever captured on a recording.

Shake That Twang offers a wide variety of songs ranging from the powerful ballad “God Needed You Too”, to a song about a mom whose marine son is off to war in “John 3:16”. If good line dance and two-step music is what you want then you will love “Shake That Twang” and “Good Man With Bad Intentions.” 

Have you ever had a significant other who has turned cold when it comes to you? Then play them “Beer Cold Heart” to let them know about it. Maybe your on the other end of the spectrum, you're dating someone who has been hurt in the past. “Your Lonesome Ends With Me” and “Meant To Be” are songs for just that situation. This CD is not just full of good music, Rodgers also co-wrote tracks on the CD with some names that are familiar to the music scene such as Larry Wayne Clark, Nashville Star winner Chris Young, and Dean Miller to name just a few. Also featured on the CD is Rodgers' beautiful wife Stacy in a duet titled “Meant To Be.” 

Making his musical debut on this CD is none other than Michael David Rodgers Jr. who sings along with dad on “I Won’t Back Down.” This CD, along with Rodgers' other albums, do not disappoint. Shake That Twang will be pre-released on June 6th so reserve your copy today!

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