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Natalie Stovall - Late Night Conversations 
Album Review By: Penny Rondinella, CSO Staff Journalist 

Natalie Stovall is no newcomer to Nashville, has lived there all her life, and has made a living in the entertainment industry one way or another since she was only five years of age. She was a child performer in the Opryland Kid's Club and has performed on such shows as the Oprah Winfrey Show, Nashville Now, Crook and Chase; she even had a solo appearance on the Grand Ole Opry.

She attended the Berklee College of Music on a vocal scholarship, and in her second year of college she formed her very own band, Green Line South, and brought them to Nashville to test the waters. Forming and having that band was a life changing experience for Stovall. She realized what it takes to be an artist and decided that she no longer wanted to just play cover songs for a living. Unfortunately, her band split up after about three years and she decided to take some time off to reevaluate what was important in her life.

She now has a new band and is performing once again. She just finished writing all the material for her record and has been traveling to places likes Florida, St. Louis, and Salt Lake City. While on the road she was delighted to hear one of her songs for the very first time on the radio. But Stovallís talents are not limited just to her music. Be sure to stop by her website to see a clip of her skydiving and you will definitely want to watch a video of her playing an absolutely mean fiddle on "Devil Went Down To Georgia." This artist is astounding. Oh yes, and you don't want to miss watching the video of one of her live performances at the Wild Horse Saloon.

Stovall's brilliantly bluesy voice effortlessly delivers each tune and although she is only in her twenties, she has already accomplished quite a bit in her life. She says her music life doesn't seem to get going until well after midnight at times. On the insert of her album cover, she tells how most of her life can be traced back to a string of Late Night Conversations, (hence the title of her second independent record.) Yes, you read that correctly; this captivating artist had another album that preceded this one. I have not had the opportunity to hear it, but it's on my list of albums to invest in. Stovall wrote ten out of the fourteen tracks, some of them written way back in high school and some of them just a few short months ago.

"If I Run To You Now" officially cracked the top fifty in November of last year on the New Music Weekly radio charts and I can see why. It's a remarkable song that tells the story of the love she has for someone that has been right under her nose all along, but she wonders now if she waited too long to let her love be known. In the song "Better" she talks about how she has always wished she could combine all the best traits from every date she's had to create the perfect man. Once she finds him, she writes he's "Better" than all the men she's met combined.

Stovall also does an astounding job on the songs she didn't write. Her version of Paul McCartney's "Baby I'm Amazed," took me by surprise, I didn't think I would like anyone else singing this song other than McCartney himself, but I was very pleased with her version. She really did it justice!

I always try to pick a favorite song on the albums I listen to, and it's hard to do that at times. On this album it was especially difficult because I like the music and the stories she has to tell in every song. But I have to say that when I heard "Angel," a song she wrote about her Granny, it easily became my favorite. It is a most beautiful, touching, and inspirational, song and you could tell it was truly written and sung from her heart and it definitely captured my heart. It was a stunning ending to an incredible album.

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1. Intro 
2. Everytime You're WIth Me 
3. This Time 
4. You're The Reason 
5. I Needed You 
6. Stronger 
7. If I Run To You Now 
8. Who's That Other Man 
9. Better 
10. Like Nothing Else 
11. What Can I Do 
12. No Other 
13. Maybe I'm Amazed 
14. Angel (for Granny)

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Real People Reviews

Natalie played in Elizabeth City at the Coast Guard Support Center for Coast Guard Day 2007 and I was amazed at her talent. I purchased one of her CD's and it hasn't left my CD player since. It is rare to find a singer with her range that belts out each and every note so effortlessly. I will enjoy watching her career explode in the near future. 
~ Eric C.

Natalie has been one of my favorites since way back in high school. She not only is a great musician but a great person with a great family backing. Love you Natalie. Keep on singing.
~ Dorinda

I picked up Natalie's CD when I was attending a trade show down at the Gaylord Palms Hotel in Nashville. That girl has talent! I love the whole CD, usually it's just one or two songs, but the whole CD is wonderful. I'm sure she's going to go far! And I'll be saying I remember when I saw her in Nashville at the Saloon Bar! Not only can she sing but she has personality plus!
~ Cindi H.

I love the album!! #4 rocks, I play it over and over and over. Way to go Natalie, canít wait for more music from you!
~ Barb

This cd has been my favorite since I have gotten it! Natalie is the best undiscovered artist out there and is such a talented girl! I hope everyone grabs a copy of this cd!! You won't be disappointed!
~ Jessie



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