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Patty Griffin - Children Running Through
Review By: Jim Moulton, CSO Staff Journalist

Patty Griffin is probably known more for songs that she has written for other artists than her own recordings but she has definitely been around. This is Griffin's fourth disc on ATO records, she writes songs that come from somewhere deep inside.

Griffin produced this with Mike McCarthy and it has more instruments than her typical discs. She plays acoustic guitar and piano. One of the remarkable artists on this album is Emmy Lou Harris who sings backup vocals with her on Trapeze, a great slow country-influenced tune fitted to Harris's rich vocals. Doug Lancio (produced recent Greencards CD) on guitars. Glenn Worf on some bass work. There are some strings used tastefully. It is a real interesting recording.

Griffin's vocals are clear as a bell and full of expressive nuances. Her music is very introspective and like others in her genre, she sings about life and experiences.

"I Don't Ever Give Up" is a swelling, growing song with some ethereal guitar work by Lancio. There is some nice percussion in the background. I find this a very encouraging piece. "This Dream, I don't ever give up."

"Up To the Mountain" (MLK song) - This song about Martin Luther King is a beautiful testament to a great man.

I love the real acoustic guitar texture without any coloration. It works well with this style of world music.

"Crying Over" is the final track and it really is a work in pretty guitar pickin' and her lonesome vocals. Lancio plays some subtle emotive electric guitar parts and the strings come in nicely.

Griffin has made a real niche in Folk-Americana for her music and this is the best collection that I have heard yet.

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