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Sara Evans and Craig Morgan Perform at the Taste of Chicago
By: Brianna Nightingale, CSO Staff Journalist

Hips were shaking, hands were waving and great music was being played on Sunday afternoon (July 1) on the Petrillo Music Shell stage at the Taste of Chicago in Grant Park.

Thanks to many different sponsors, nobody in the audience had to pay to watch Craig Morgan and Sara Evans perform. 

Fans were on their feet as Morgan appeared on stage, beginning his 13-song set with his buoyant “I Got You.” Continuing to show his side that women love, he sang “Look At Us,” “My Kind of Woman” and his well-known “That’s What I Love About Sunday,” which spent five weeks at number one and was country radio’s most played song of the year in 2005.

Two amusing songs that continue to prove Morgan’s relatable lyrics, “I Am” and “I’m Country,” were to follow. Throwing in a slow, poignant piece, “Almost Home” came before he belted out “International Harvester” and “My Redneck of the Woods.”

Morgan’s touching new single, “Tough,” is one which he did not write; however, every ounce of emotion he had went into singing this song.

His well-known song “Redneck Yacht Club” was followed by “Easy Like a Sunday Morning,” one which you might know. Morgan wrapped up his set with “Little Bit of Life” before one of US99’s radio hosts, Mike LeBaron, asked the crowd to stand up and show their excitement for Sara Evans.

Evans’ band started her vivacious “Coalmine” just before she entered the stage with a big smile. She followed that with her first huge hit “Born To Fly,” which was actually the make-it-or-break-it song from her 2000 album. 

“No Place That Far,” Evans’ first number 1 single, came before another popular, catchy song, “Perfect,” from her Restless album. Already the mother of two, Evans wrote “You’ll Always Be My Baby” while she was pregnant with her third child. On stage, she put just as much emotion into this song as she does with everything she sings, making it hard not to get drawn into the lyrics and vocals of her songs. 

Her impressive harmonies from “I Keep Lookin’” and “Cheatin’” were to follow. Introducing “Suds In the Bucket,” a tune which was inspired by her childhood in the country, Evans said that she never left with any of the guys that tried to get her to run off with them, but two of her sisters did. “That’s why they have so many kids,” she joked. The two sisters she was referring to, the ones who do all the backup vocals on her albums, also performed as back-up singers at this concert. 

Evans’ exciting new single, “As If,” is a new favorite of mine. She introduced her band, giving recognition to her two sisters on stage as well as one of her two older brothers, who plays bass guitar in her band. 

Dedicating “I Could Not Ask for More” to the audience and all of her fans, Evans sang “Real Fine Place,” Leon Russell’s moving “A Song for You,” and finished her set with Fleetwood Mac’s “Go Your Own Way.” 

Morgan and Evans certainly know how to give their shows everything they’ve got, whether they are singing lyrics that pull at the strings of your heart or ones that will have you laughing as you realize they’re singing about you. Although they’re both busy parents, these two continue to put on impressive performances again and again; their shows in Chicago were no exception.

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