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Sherry Lynn - It's A Woman Thing
By: Jolene Downs, CSO Contributing Journalist  

New artist Sherry Lynn is starting to make waves on the Nashville music scene with her debut album, It's A Woman Thing. Lynn grew up in a very small New Jersey town and acknowledges that it probably isn't the type of place you'd expect a country singer to originate from. Her mom was a country music fan, so Lynn grew up inspired by legends like Loretta Lynn and Crystal Gayle. She got her start belting out their songs in front of her mirror into that ever-popular hairbrush microphone. 

Lynn's very life could be a country song. Maybe that is another draw to the music for her. She lost her father when she was only two and her mom raised three kids on her own. A mother for the first time at seventeen and married at nineteen, she put her dream of a music career on the back burner as she raised her five kids. After her marriage ended, friends got her out of the house and back into the mainstream of life by taking her to karaoke bars where her dream was rekindled. Lynn got serious about improving her singing and then she started writing some songs. She networked with other songwriters on the internet and recorded some music while still in New Jersey. Through her connections she met veteran producer Ted Hewitt, and she was on her way. 

Appropriately enough, her full scale performing career was launched in her home state of New Jersey opening for Sammy Kershaw. And anyone listening to this CD will appreciate her talent and ability to deliver a song in a unique style. She is not a cookie cutter artist.

The ten track album is released on the independent Steal Heart Music/Spinville label and includes three songs that Lynn had a hand in writing. Not a bad start for a new artist. The first single, "Scarecrow Dance," opens the album and is an up-tempo song about dreams and the need to have something to believe in. The album continues with a nice mix of music to keep the listener interested and wanting to hear more. "Is there Still Time" is an autobiographical ballad she wrote wondering if there is still time at this point in her life to bring her dreams to life while juggling the responsibilities of life. That is probably my favorite song on the album. Lynn has a unique song delivery, and the fact that she loves what she does is evident in her music. She just has a positive energy that comes through to the listener. If I had to put a label on her music it would be a collision between Gretchen Wilson and Loretta Lynn. She has the steel and determination of both, along with being comfortable in her own skin with no apologies. She's contemporary with a touch of the traditional and is definitely a new artist worth checking out.

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