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Shevy Smith’s - September Songs
By: Brianna Nightingale, CSO Staff Journalist

There are only good things to be said about Shevy Smith. Many of my co-workers, friends, fellow music fans and reviewers have learned to adore this gifted musician, not only for her wonderful melodies but also for her unique personality.

“I think it is really cool that she has a genuine concern for her fans and is really interested in them,” said my friend Josh.

Tim, one of my co-workers who became interested after reading a review about her said “She does remind me of Maria McKee of Lone Justice. Maria just had this great, booming, powerful voice.”

Smith spent some time at home this summer, which gave her the opportunity to work with other talented songwriters in Nashville. Regarding Carolyn Dawn Johnson, whom she had an opportunity to write a duet with in August, Smith says “She’s such an amazing person. It’s really, really fun when you get to work with your heroes and people who have inspired and influenced you.”

In a video that Smith recorded and added to her MySpace page, she says “we’re doing lots of new music, I’m doing a couple of special-interest community projects and we’re going to capture it all on video.” She plans to keep her fans updated more often this way but still appreciates all the supportive emails that are sent in her direction.

Continuing to promote old music while sharing new tunes, Smith plans to spend a lot of time on the road in the near future. 

“I’m going to be headed out to colleges and universities again, which feels like home. You know that I love doing those shows so I look forward to seeing a lot of familiar faces out there.”

Smith’s sophomore album from one year ago, September Songs, is a collection of 10 remarkable songs that, just like Smith’s other songs, intend to inspire. The album opens with “Homespun,” a motivational tune that says although life is different now, “I am not afraid to try and chase the sun because I know no matter where I run my roots are woven into where I’m from.” 

Smith follows up with some I’m-falling-in-love lyrics such as “You’ve got my world spinning in a ‘Heavy Rotation,’ love’s beginning to reel me in” and “Why do endless summers have to end and claim the only gold I’ve ever found,” taken from “Heavy Rotation” and “September Song.”

“Born To Be,” another tune from that category, “is the best song Shevy has,” according to my friend Ashley. “I like it because it tells a story about how two completely different people can be meant for each other. It gives the glimmer of hope to all of those ‘pure and peaceful dreamers’ out there.” Although it is nearly impossible to pick a favorite on this album, I may have to agree with Ashley on this one; the upbeat tempo and attention-grabbing lyrics will have you wanting more from the start.

Smith’s nostalgic “70’s Radio” and hopeful “Master Peace” come before “Left Hand Lane,” another thrilling tune about chasing dreams and doing so in a hurry. 

“Freewheelin’ Again” proves Smith’s ability to catch her listeners’ attention right off the bat once more. The woman in this song can’t be tied down even though a series of events and people are trying to stop her from running to find potential opportunities. “Runnin’ through the clouds/ lookin’ for a pot of gold/ I’m wide awake now/ I’ll sleep when I’m old.”

Also included on this album full of love songs is “Fool’s Gold Rush” and “Hummingbird,” which Smith uses to show off her great, prevailing voice.

All of these great September Songs are available for purchase on iTunes or on cdbaby.com. My personal suggestion, however, would be to go to her website listed below, look up her tour dates and let Shevy personally hand you your new favorite CD. You will see an outstanding concert, get your CD signed, meet this brilliant artist and not even spend a dime on shipping.

Click on the CD cover to order yours!

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