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Suzy Bogguss - Sweet Danger
Review By: Jim Moulton, CSO Staff Journalist

Suzy Bogguss' last CD a few years ago titled Swing, with Ray Bensen of Asleep At The Wheel fame, had the trademark Benson Texas swing thing going. Bogguss' new CD, co-produced with popular jazz/pop keyboardist and producer Jason Miles (Miles Davis, Luther Vandross and Sting) was made by a collection of Nashville and New York musicians, some great material and recorded in New York City. The final work is far removed from Texas swing and much more like the pop/jazz sound of Diana Krall. However, there is a touch of country soul in Bogguss' voice and instrumentally. This record flows so well, there is just some incredible guitar, and Mile's keyboards are great on this disc.

Bogguss's cover of Chicago's "If You Leave Me Now," just blows me away with some incredible country jazz guitar work by Jerry McPherson. Bogguss and her band are in such a groove, this is quite an incredible piece of work, many songs written by Bogguss. 

The overall sound is just so sweet and smooth, so cohesive. Bogguss sounds so comfortable singing these songs and honestly, I could listen to this guitar work all day. She sounds like she has been singing this genre forever. This is the surprise album of the year for me and I am more than impressed. There is also some amazing jazz bass on these songs.

"In Heaven" is a slow ballad that is quite an incredible song, talking to a former lover who is in Heaven, wanting his blessing on her new fiancé, real nice strings, this song has a haunting quality to it.

"Sweet Danger" (Bogguss, Burnhill) - This song is another pretty ballad written by Bogguss. The title track is sparsely produced, with some sweet acoustic guitar pickin' and B3 organ. "I'm throwin caution to the wind, I'm fallin' in Sweet Danger".

"Baby July" (Bogguss,Gillies) - This song has a great vibe to it, the pace changes from slow to mid-tempo. The guitars on this song sparkle, with one acoustic guitar and two electrics, a great mix. Guitarists include Jeff Miranov, Jerry Mcpherson and Pat Bergeson. There is a beautiful lead with some great sustain and tone. The lyrics contain lots of imagery. I really love this song.

"Everything" (Bogguss,Crider) - This is true jazz that's got lots of rhythms going on. Great vocal effect that she does on this song with a bit of scat singing, the bass stands out.

"It's Not Gonna Happen Today" - Another sweet ballad by Bogguss and Crider, some excellent pedal steel parts. Miles does an excellent job of production and seems to know just when to play on a song. He and Bogguss really worked out great for this album.

What words come to mind when I think of this CD; refreshing, innovative, quality, touching, emotive and many more. Suzy Bogguss really seems comfortable here. I, for one, hope she explores this more. Fans of Diana Krall, Norah Jones and Suzy Bogguss will love this.

Imprint -Loyal Dutchess Records

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