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Tammy Cochran – Where I Am 
Album Review by Pepper Grayson
CSO Staff Journalist

Two words: Girl Power!

You may ask why you haven’t heard much new from Tammy Cochran in a few years. After kicking back and drinking in the eclectic, yet still very much countryfied, array of tunes on her latest album release, Where I Am, your questions will quickly be put to rest.

Having written or co-written a handful of songs on her previous two albums (lest you forget the melodious and heart-touching Billboard Country Single Top 10 Hit “Angels in Waiting”), Cochran was ready to flex more of that creative writer’s muscle to compile an entire album that contained a true taste of her talents as a writer and artist. 

On Where I Am, Cochran continues to demonstrate her solid vocal abilities, while swinging the barn door wide open for all to experience her strong writing talent, as well. 

Pepper’s Brass Tacks Breakdown:

I was extremely impressed with the diversity Cochran was able to compile in one album. She provides the essence of country sentiment and storytelling in several cuts, including “So Long”, Nobody’s Home”, “My Side of the World” and “Chemistry”, while adding a melancholy flare, suggestive of a Bob Seger tale, in “Gone”.

Cochran provides an uplifting tap-y’ur-toe tune in “Ride of Your Life”. I ask you, who doesn’t love an opportunity to fling on the boots, the belt, the big hair and hit the dance floor for a good round of the Texas Two-Step? Looking for more of a Pop song? Look no further than the catchy chorus of “Long Way Down” to wet your mainstream whistle. If that’s not enough, in the powerful ballad “In Our House,” Cochran even touches on the unfortunately much-too-common and social issue of domestic abuse. 

Still not impressed with her range?

Take a listen to the title track “Where I Am” and tell me you can’t appreciate the soulful and somewhat spiritual quintessence. Or if you’re looking for a little more raunchiness, “As Soon As I’m Over You” is an in-your-face ‘I’m outta he-ya’ song, offering great syntax in the chorus, full of fun, funky, and flare!

Musically speaking, I vote for “Highwire” as my favorite on this album, as this tune offers up some incredible and unexpected chord composition (I LOVE that!), while detailing the angst of the torturous emotional roller coaster ride of dealing with a completely commitment-phobic heartbreaker (I DON’T love that!).

I give this album four ‘Boot-Kicks’ out of five!

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1. So Long
2. And More
3. Nobody's Home
4. Gone
5. The Ride Of Your Life
6. Where I Am
7. On My Side Of The World
8. As Soon As I'm Over You
9. In Our House 
10. HighWire
11. Long Way Down
12. Chemistry

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