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Terri Hendrix - The Spiritual Kind
Review By: Jim Moulton, CSO Staff Journalist

Terri Hendrix is a special gal and this, her tenth album, is a very special work. With Lloyd Maines as producer and band member, this is one of the best quality Indie recordings I have ever heard. Hendrix is promoted as a folk singer, but to me she sounds much more Americana/Alt-Country. 
Even though this disk is all acoustic, this disc flat out rocks on some songs, and her vocals and guitar playing are excellent. Hendrix plays a mean harmonica too. Listening on headphones you can really hear the beauty of the acoustic instruments. Hendrix is a very expressive, emotional singer. A gal who really knows how to use her voice.

"What Is The Color Of The Soul" - This song really has a funky beat with some neat guitar and great percussion. It addresses the age old problem of racism. Love the slide on this song. Terri writes most of the songs on the disc, but this is by Jimmy Driftwood. 

"Soul of My Soul" is a beautiful acoustic ballad which really highlights Hendrix's vocals. The timbre of the instruments sparkle. This song is as refreshing as a mountain stream. These songs are complex, not your three chord , one tempo type deal.

"Things Change" - I really like this talk song which has some of the prettiest guitar that you will ever hear. "Things Change, that's for sure, but the best of friends will endure."

If you look at the artwork on this digitech packaging, it reminds you of another artist named Hendrix.

"No Love In Texas" has an acoustic blues beat, her lyrics are full of imagery with some great blues harp by her. 

Let me give credit to some of the other musicians. Paul Pearcy - drums and percussion, Glenn Fukunaga - bass, Riley Osbourne - keyboards, Bukka Allen and Adam Odor - accordion, Richard Bowden - fiddle and Michael O'Connor and Walt Wilkins -  harmony vocals.

"If I had A Daughter" is a hauntingly beautiful song about her thoughts if she had a daughter, some beautiful harmonies. Some nice pedal steel on this song which is part talk song and part harmony chorus.

"Jim Thorpe's Blues" is a full band song with a full sound, some accordion, real nice melodic changes. She addresses how Thorpe was stripped of his Olympic medal and other poor treatment of Indian issues.

"Mood Swing" is a full blown acoustic jazz song. Nice acoustic jazz guitar solo, also very nice piano, she does some scat singing on this tune. It's like a tribute to jazz. Very cool ending to this one, unexpected.

"The Spiritual Kind" is a mid tempo tune which she sings about her thoughts on spirituality. It was inspired when Lloyd gave her a cross which she keeps with her. For those who don't know, Lloyd Maines is the father of Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks and has played pedal steel for them many times.

Looking at this album as a whole I see a very inspired piece of work. Though Hendrix has a great sense of humor, she tackles a lot of important issues from religion to racism. Sonically, just a great recording comparable to anything. Great production by Maines and very good mastering by Pat Manske. This is also a very eclectic work, many different genres explored.

A very natural sounding recording by a well seasoned artist. In a music world driven by major label trends, Hendrix is a breath of Fresh air.

Released Aug 28, 2007

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