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Two Tons Of Steel: Live From Gruene Hall  
DVD/CD Review By: George Peden, CSO Staff Journalist

Regular readers to CSO will recall Two Tons of Steel. I reviewed the band’s Vegas album early in 2006. At the time I wrote: "One of the better acts to land in my CD player in ages is the Texas-based Two Tons of Steel. These guys crank. And they do it with a steel-driven sound, propped by tight harmony and electric energy. Currently enjoying wide and varied chart placements, Two Tons Of Steel is a band with a history and a catalog. They also have a measure of fame well regarded in the Lone Star State. However, this latest album, Vegas, may just be the honey pot to draw even further-a-field interest."

Well, hang on to your hat; the best just got better – they now have a live and hard-rockin’ DVD and audio combo release, Two Tons Of Steel Live From Gruene Hall. And it kicks.

Recorded at Texas’ famed Gruene Hall on an equally famed Two Ton Tuesday, this Palo Duro release shows the band doing what they do so well – entertaining with a charged mix of amped energy. The music says it all. There’s no over the top visual extravaganzas, no CMT gloss and gossamer shots; this is just a band, their music, and a hyped and pumped crowd getting off on the driven energy from the stage. And it works. As a live concert this has all the steam of the real thing – all from the comfort of your beanbag.

Lead singer, Kevin Geil, hat perched low and guitar slung lower, is a confident and vocally rich lead to his band mates. Geil loves performing, and it’s an energy that flows to Dennis Fallon (electric guitar), Ric Ramirez (upright bass), Chris Dodds (drums) and Denny Mathis (steel, guitar and Dobro). The crowd, a moving herd of two-steppers and twirlers, add atmosphere to an event that has seen this band filling the Hall for over ten years. Now it’s on DVD. And what a party.

The twang thang comes fully catered with a host of popular cuts, music labeled countrybilly by frontman Geil. The 14 tracks, mostly penned by Geil, include "Vegas", "Unglued", Maybe I" and personal favorite "Stinkin’ Drunks". They sit comfortably with the Ramones remake, "Sedated", and the Jim Brim-penned, "Ice Cream Man" making this a "must-have" package.

Also included is a "behind-the-scenes-on-the bus-the band singin’ and girls dancin’ documentary. It shows an up close profile of guys who love what they do, and do what they love. Two Director’s Cuts -- "Your Kiss" and "Red Hot" --round out nearly one hour of spirited sweat and rowdy music.

The package, a charmed insight into Texas music, showing just what the rest of us a world away is missing, also has a CD. After seeing the guys gig live, the CD, with several added tracks, brings a new take on one of the most durable bands doing Texas dancehalls proud.

Click on the DVD/CD cover to order yours!

1: Intro
2: Vegas
3: Unglued
4: Maybe I
5: Love’s Here To Stay
6: Sedated
7: Ice Cream Man
8: Baby You Got Me
9: You Know
10: King Of A One Horse Town
11: Stinkin’ Drunks
12: Little Pig
13: Your Kiss
14: One More Time
15: Credits
16: On The Bus Documentary 
17: Red Hot Video
18: Your Kiss Video
CD Track Listing:
1. Diddly Daddy
2. Maybe I
3. Sedated
4. Love Is Here To Stay
5. Unglued
6. Vegas
7. You Know
8. Heartache
9. Stinkin Drunks
10. King Of A One Horse Town
11.Havana Moon
12. Two Tons Of Steel
13.You Didn't Know Me
14.Red Headed Woman
15.Ice Cream Man

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