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WKDF Birthday Bash
By: Nora Mayor, CSO Contributing Journalist

The annual 103 WKDF Birthday Bash took place at the Gaylord Entertainment Center in downtown Nashville on Sunday April 1st. The GEC was packed with thousands of country music fans for a night that was packed with entertainment.

Taylor Swift was first on the bill. For being so young Taylor puts on a pretty good show. It’s to bad that for most of her set the sound just wasn’t as good as it should have been. That didn’t stop Taylor though. She belted out her hits “Tim McGraw”, “Teardrops On My Guitar” and others. She also enlightened the crowd that if you make her mad or hurt her watch out because she’s a songwriter and it will probably come back to haunt you!!

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Jason Michael Carroll was next on the bill. Thank god they had the sound fixed by the time he started. You know Carroll from his smash hit “Alyssa Lies” and his new single “Livin’ Our Love Song.” Still relatively new to the country music scene this young artist will be around for quite a while if he keeps going the way he is.

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Eric Church is certainly no stranger to country music fans or country music radio. Eric entertained the crowd by performing fan favorites “Two Pink Lines”, “How ‘Bout You” and “Guys Like Me”. Eric had the crowd singing along with him and dancing in their seats. I think the fans actually gave Eric a run for his money when they were singing “How ‘Bout You” along with him.

EricChurch1.jpg (64351 bytes)  EricChurch2.jpg (85885 bytes)  EricChurch3.jpg (66867 bytes)  EricChurch4.jpg (56211 bytes)  Click on the photos to see larger versions.

What can I say about Trent Tomlinson’s performance but WOW. Most performers just walk out onto the stage to start their show Trent did just the opposite. He made his way to the stage from out in the crowd. If you have never seen Trent in concert he’s a must see. He didn’t spend his entire set on the stage he went out and walked up the steps to the upper levels so everyone could see him. He performed his hits “One Wing In The Fire”, “Drunker Than Me” and his new single “Just Might Have Her Radio On.” After his set Trent walked off stage with the crowd going wild wanting more. His band came back on and started playing Prince’s “Purple Rain”. Out came Trent cigarette in hand and gave the audience what they were wanting.

TrentT1.jpg (67964 bytes)  TrentT2.jpg (84224 bytes)  TrentT3.jpg (62607 bytes)  TrentT4.jpg (83091 bytes)  Click on the photos to see larger versions.

Clay Walker ended the evening. The other performers got the crowd warmed up and Clay took the show home. He performed all of the old fan favorites then he sang his new single “’Fore She Was Mama” and debuted a few new songs from his upcoming CD titled Fall. During Clay’s performance huge beach balls were being hit back and forth between fans, people were singing along, and the fans were dancing in the aisles not wanting the evening to end.

ClayW1.jpg (65240 bytes)  ClayW2.jpg (73606 bytes)  ClayW3.jpg (74850 bytes)  ClayW4.jpg (68581 bytes)  Click on the photos to see larger versions.

All in all the WKDF Birthday Bash was a big hit. Be sure to mark your calendars for about the same time next year when I’m sure the lineup will once again not disappoint the fans!!


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