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April Taylor - I Wanna Live Like That
By: Jim Moulton, CSO Staff Journalist

Ok, I want to apologize for putting this off so long, it is just too good. April Taylor is a special talent who has a remarkable CD with a great collection of songs. 

Her sound takes me back to another time, not so long ago, like Martina or Patty Loveless of the 90s. Her producer, Tony Mantor, does a great job of recording this collection of songs by some of Nashville's best writers. This disc has that big sound of a big studio in Nashville, which are dying out by the way. Pedal steel, fiddle, some real good country, lead guitar.

Not a bad song on the whole CD.

Some of my favorites are "Being Tough" - a slow ballad that showcases her rich vocals. This is a real good studio band with a couple of easily recognized names, like Owen Hale on drums, Bruce Bouton on pedal steel, and Joe Spivey on fiddle and mandolin. T. Wild does an excellent job playing the electric guitar parts. Mixed and Mastered by Frank Green, who also does an excellent job.

"I Wanna Live like that," the title track, is excellent. Mid-tempo with some great piano, fiddle and Dobro. This is a real cohesive recording, with lots of songs, full of southern imagery, and songs of love and life. 

"Hero at Home" is a real great song about a mom running the show while her husband was at war.

April Taylor is a real attractive lady who is not just another pretty face, this gal can sing and knows how to do it with emotion and candor. The more I listen to these songs, the more meaningful the lyrics are to me. Kudos to the bass on this disc, Alison really plays some great bass locked in with the drums played by Owen Hale.

Great country CD, my advice, get yourself one.


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