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BadBob & Jimmy - Posted Places 
Review By: George Peden, CSO Staff Journalist

Hmmm…it's a fine line, this comedy thing. I mean, what makes someone laugh often makes another cringe. And when what you’re peddling is country comedy, well, it's doubly hard. However, newcomers BadBob Underbrush and his sidekick Jimmy Huckleberry have scaled the divide with Posted Places.

The redneck “duo”, they specialize in deer and turkey huntin' humor is surprise surprise, really is only one person: Kevin Blake Weldon. Weldon, a native of Lufkin, Texas, has put together 11 tunes, aimed double barrel at his chosen audience. But while most of the songs will tickle hunters, there are a few tracks that'll bring a smile to country comedy fans. The parody to the out-of-retirement Oklahoman, Garth Brooks, “Posted Places” –“Friends in Low Places” -- is a standout. Listen out also for a comedic hat-tip to Tim McGraw. Badbob's “I Like It, I Love It” is a laugh. “Huntin’ Club” is another parody – “Country Club” – which comes in for a ticklish reworking of the Travis Tritt hit.

“BadBob’s Radio show” is a take on old-time radio specials, while “Bucky The Bionic Buck” is a huntin toe-tapper, complete with countrified piano and fiddle; the track also serves as a spotlight to main man Weldon’s obvious talent. 

A point and click to www.kevinblakeweldon.com shows the hat-wearing good-looker was once a member of the Curb recording family – he was the “Blake” in the duo Blake and Brian, who had a remembered minor ’97 hit with “If Guitars Were Guns”. Now, as well as his comedic duty as BadBob, the versatile Texan is out on the road promoting his latest CD, Hold On

It’s a fine line, this comedy thing. It’s a path Weldon moves along with confidence with well thought-out and audience specific humor. And good luck to him, happy trails and good hunting. For me, the penny has dropped and I remember keenly the early days of Weldon’s career, when partnered with Brian Gowan I really thought, as many did, these guys could be big. They weren’t. Pity. No laughing matter there.

With Weldon’s keen looks and made-for-country voice, I’d be ditching the canned laughter in favor of the more viable music market. Comedy is not for everyone; for me, BadBob and his cohorts really wasn’t the joke it could have been.

But there is a postscript to Postcards. I did rediscover Kevin Blake Weldon.  

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