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Billy Currington - Little Bit Of Everything
By: Brianna Nightingale, CSO Staff Journalist

He has that sexy look, sound and...

Billy Currington recently released his third studio album, just one year after Doin’ Something Right went Platinum. Little Bit Of Everything was co-produced by Currington and Carson Chamberlin, a large contributor to Currington’s success in Nashville. Some of Currington’s work as a songwriter greatly paid off when it landed in the hands of Chamberlin, catching his attention enough to put one song on hold several years ago. When Chamberlin and Currington crossed paths again a few weeks after their first meeting, they decided to set up some songwriting sessions, demo a few of their creations and follow the path that ultimately led them to Universal Music Group Nashville.

Currington eventually landed a deal with Mercury, a division of UMGN, allowing him to release several great songs, which made it to the top of the charts. “I Got a Feelin’” and “Walk A Little Straighter,” especially, caught the attention of country music fans all over the world.

In an article on CMT.com, Currington talks about the vacation to Hawaii that he took about a year ago, hoping to recover mentally from some trauma that he experienced as a child. He took the break after he was forced to cancel several tour dates due to severe laryngitis. After writing a few songs and clearing his head, Currington returned to Nashville to jump back into music forcefully. He managed to co-write about half of the cuts on a Little Bit Of Everything.

"I think as far as my writing, it's just age in general," he said. "The more you live, the more years that go by, the more songwriters that you write with ... your writing gets better and better and better. The quality of the songs and the way that you think and all of those different things ... it just changes."

With songs about mama’s fried chicken and skinny dippin’ to “Swimmin’ In Sunshine,” this album may have been better as an early summer release. However, Currington’s style remains true, and he made sure that he was able to include a few love songs to please his loyal fans.

Currington’s first single off of this album, “Don’t,” climbed the charts, leading a Little Bit Of Everything to debut at #2.

The true fans can’t help but love “Walk On,” “Everything” and “No One Has Eyes Like You,” songs that portray the desirable image that Currington has set for himself over time. The heartbreak shown in “Walk On” is the opposite of “Everything,” in which the writers, Jim Beavers and Chris Hennessee, tell that “Every little thing about you baby turns me on.” “No One Has Eyes Like You” is one that Currington wrote about five years ago, and now admits that it is one of his favorites.

“Heal Me” has a similar style to his past love songs; the passion Currington reveals in his voice make this song convincing.

Heal me with your sweet and sexy ways
Feel me, your touch is all I crave
I’ve been waiting for so long for you to come along
And heal me.”

As far as melodies go, “Life & Love And The Meaning Of” and “People Are Crazy” rank as two of my favorites.

It wouldn’t be a country album without a song called “That’s How Country Boys Roll,” or at least one that is similar. Quite the opposite, however, is “I Shall Return,” a fun little song with a Spanish sound to it. Of course the lyrics are synchronized with the melody, describing a romantic night with a “senorita” who may not have been in it for just one night.

We dance and we talk, hold hands when we walk
Shoot tequila all night long
But she can’t understand why this ramblin’ man
Says it’s time to be movin’ on.”

Three years after his second studio album, Currington released a collection of “summery” tunes that are sure to please loyal listeners, and hopefully several others. With a few co-written contributions from Currington, you can’t go wrong here; there is a little bit of EVERYTHING on this album.

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