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DeAnne Moore - Never Too Late
By: Jolene Downs, CSO Contributing Journalist  

DeAnne Moore is a newcomer who feels like a long-time friend almost immediately. Once you've listened to her, you come away with the feeling that she's just always been there. She earned her Bachelor's Degree in Abilene. Then she went on to earn her Master's Degree and that opened doors of opportunity which allowed her to experience a range of careers that fed her desire to perform. She lived and studied in both Los Angeles and London and appeared on TV, in motion pictures, commercials and print ads. She also proved that she wasn't just another pretty face by spending two years as the host of a nationally televised show dealing with the stock market. Through all of her exciting career paths, and while being a very involved mom of three kids, country music remained her first love. Her philosophy is that it is 'Never Too Late' to follow your dreams and her magnetic personality makes her right at home onstage entertaining appreciative audiences.

Aptly enough, 'Never Too Late' is the title of Moore's debut CD and her first single, "Cowboy Talkin'," has been gaining airplay around the country. It is about a cowboy dropping a pickup line in a bar. She turns it back on him and wants to know if he can back up his silver buckle or is he just another long-neck rodeo. Is it the whiskey or the cowboy talking? She has a traditional sound with contemporary lyrics to appeal to the current country generation.

Along with all her other talents, she also co-wrote three of the twelve tracks on the album. One of those tracks is called "Spring Chicken" and it is a fun song to listen to. It's a tongue in cheek story about older women and she says they are 'a grown up version of your wildest dreams. I loved it. Another song I really liked from the album was the last track, "Mama's Green Eyes." It was a fast moving song about two people from very different backgrounds who fell in love. She was the result of their love and she inherited the wildest traits from both and simply loved being who she was.

Moore isn't just another cookie cutter voice. She has a unique voice that is all her own. Along with the fun songs, she included some soft love songs like "Never Too Late" and "Love Is A Game" that shows off her talents with the ballads. And another favorite of mine was "I Ain't Through." I always enjoy the songs about strong women who can make it on their own and this is a great one. Overall, it was an album that flowed very well and kept my interest all the way through. I think we'll be hearing a lot more of DeAnne Moore in the future.

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