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DeAnne Moore - Never Too Late
By: Jim Moulton, CSO Staff Journalist

DeAnne Moore is a very talented young lady who can do it all. I'm looking at her resume' and seriously, I do not think that I have seen a much more diversified one, with music being the new thing. She has done television, movies, theatre and has all of the necessary training.

She has a masters' degree in counseling.

She has a very strong voice and (also has a British and southern accent). Her music has the Nashville Country sound. The words of her song "Never Too Late" tell about her life, she lives what she sings about. "Cowboy Talkin'" is her current single. It is a song about a guy she meets who she wonders is it the real guy or just the cowboy talkin'. Real good song. The production has a very professional sound with some great fiddle.

"Fool For Love" is a real pretty ballad, that has a beautiful melody. some very nice dobro on this song. There is a haunting quality to this piece. No country accent here, real straight vocals, nice straight from the heart music.

"I Need A Wife" - This is a fun song that talks about needing another self to get all her stuff done. I like it, great background vocals.

Moore is a super talented gal, but with all that she does, I wonder what she really wants, to be an actress, singer or TV actress/host. One thing for sure, this an enjoyable listen.

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