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Doug Stone - My Turn
By: Jolene Downs, CSO Contributing Journalist  

Doug Stone has released his latest studio album, My Turn, on his own TNT Records label. Stone is an artist that has dealt with more than his fair share of adversity and health issues and has kept bouncing back to doing what he loves to do. His life experiences help to bring the emotion home in his music and became a key ingredient in the recipe of sound that draws you into the song and keeps you there.

For this album, Stone had control of everything from A to Z and it shows in the quality of material that made the finished product. He chose an "A List" of Nashville Studio Musicians to back him up, he produced the album and each song he chose was carefully selected to symbolize a stepping stone in his life and career. He doesn't stray from his reputation of having one of the most distinctive traditional voices in country music and that is what has kept his huge fan base loyal and hungry for more.

The eleven track album is a winner from start to finish. His first single release is "Nice Problem," and flows nicely while gently reminding you that in your daily stress of living, there are those who would love to have what you consider to be your problems. Simple things like house payments, job concerns, a pending birth and so on are all things that someone living on the street would love to worry about. 

"Ain't That Just Like A Woman" raised my feminine hackles a little when I read the title, but they were soothed as I listened. He did throw in a few of the old tired standards such as being chronically late but the majority of it was praise for the never ending love and support she gives him no matter what he may do. 

"Don't Tell Mama" is a poignant tear-jerker. It tells the tale of a gentleman who comes on a wreck and as he holds the dying man in his arms the man asks him to please don't tell his mama he died with whiskey on his breath because she'll worry about his soul. It is a sobering reminder of what drinking and driving can do and that those who are most affected are those who are left behind. 

Overall, this was a great album to listen to. Any fan of traditional country music would love to have it in their collection.

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