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The Grascals - Keep On Walkin'
By: Jim Moulton, CSO Staff Journalist

Keep On Walkin' is the Grascals first CD in a couple of years, the sound is real traditional with hardly any special effects. The harmonies on this CD are killer, with memorable hooks from a great selection of songs.

The group has grown some since the last CD. Aaron McDarris joined up as the groups banjo player extraordinaire. They do some classics like "Today, I Started Loving You Again" (Merle Haggard), which they do a great version of, both on vocals and instruments. A great guitar hook runs throughout the song. Some piano by "Pig" Robbins, and Jimmy Martingly's fiddle is more than impressive throughout the disc. Also, Andy Hall plays Dobro.

Now, this is in addition to Grascal regulars Jamie Johnson on guitar and vocals, Terry Eldridge on guitar and vocals, Terry Smith on bass and vocals, with Danny Roberts on mandolin.

Keep On Walkin' has that high lonesome sound. This banjo picker, McDarris, reminds me of Earl Scruggs, and he likes these boys as many of the older musicians in the scene.  

The way The Grascals produced this disc, it very much sounds live, like they were all standing around in a room and playing around a couple of mikes.

"Remembering" is a real sad tune about a country boy who went off to World War 2 and came back a different man. Great, sensitive song showing how much on the same page these guys can be when playing together.

"Keep On Walking," the title track, is an upbeat song with great harmonies and haunting fiddle lines in the background, great lyrics too.

Honestly, I didn't care for this disc the first couple of times thru, then it got me. Personally, I've always liked the more contemporary sounding Blue Highway, The Greencards and Mountain Heart, to name a few. Well, now I am a Grascals fan. You just can't ignore their creativity and talent.

"Farthur Along" is the final track, which they do a beauty of a version, partly a capela, partly accompanied by their instruments.

A real treat is Vince Gill singing with them on track two, "Sad Wind Sighs," a slow song that Vince does a great job on with his special vocal prowess.

This is plain good bluegrass, the way it was designed. Check out the Grascals.

Release date 7/15/08  

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